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10th January 2009, 08:18 AM
Hi Guys,

Itís time to get booked in for the first track day of the year. For those who are new, the morning session runs a short track for the majority of the time, you will get about 21 laps, then we run the National Track (the one the V8 Super Cars race on) for the last hour, you get about 14 laps. The session runs as 1 warm-up lap, 5 hot laps and a cool down lap.

The running of each half day session is 4 groups of only 10 cars. Heaps of room on the track and all laps are timed. The groups are based on lap times, so fast cars are together and slower cars are together. There is a group for everyone. We send the cars onto the track spaced out evenly and overtaking is only allowed on the straights. Safety first. If you are a beginner let me know and we will arrange for extra tuition before you go onto the track. No extra charge.

Morning Session: [Sprint Track 3hr, National Track 1hr]
Timed Sprints. Great session for beginners, doing testing / setup or cutting laps.

Afternoon Session: [Clubman Track] Project-Mu Time Attack Series Round 1
Timed Sprints. The series is points based so the on track rules are the same. Everyone is welcome, remember the groups are divided by lap times so there is a group for everyone. Please get involved. Itís fun first with our days.

If you have any questions please post up or send me a PM.

If you want to get involved fill out the join now page at the website www.timeattack.com.au

30th January 2009, 08:38 PM
Hey guys, check the points from round 1 on the website. www.timeattack.com.au
I'm sure you guys would do well in the series. As you can drop 1 round its not to late to get involved.

Next round Feb 24