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23rd September 2009, 06:23 PM
who's done it? worth the risk?

apart from the normal keep it bagged unless I'm using it and dont go flashing it around when not needed etc anything to watch out for?

Heading to malaysia and thailand in a couple of weeks and I'm debating wether or not to buy a cheapish camera that does most of what I want that I'm not gunna cry if I drop it in a river or get caught in a major downpour. But I'd also hate to have an awesome shot there in front of me that I would miss out on. I'm also going on my own so it would help fill in those first couple of days before I find other random backpackers to party with.

Give me your thoughts?

23rd September 2009, 06:48 PM
bought to be used right?

so use it! and dont drop it. if you look after it. you wont drop it.

25th September 2009, 01:56 PM
mm i know what you mean,
i upgraded so now have a spare, but before i took my old one anywhere, if your careful enough nothing will happen to it.. just make sure you have a camera bag or something

29th September 2009, 12:46 AM
brought to be used... talked me into it in the first line :D

buying a couple of mem cards so every few days change em so if the worst should happen I dont lose all my shots.


4th November 2009, 01:02 AM
As KE70Dave mentioned, a camera isn't going to take great photos if you leave it behind all the time. I have the odd photography gig now and then and i used to pack a Canon point & shoot that was years old and was only 4 megapixels... the ammount of mosh pits, nightclubs, festivals, nights out and excursions that went on was crazy, and it took an absolute beating.

I take a camera everywhere, it's almost like an addiction. I am constantly taking photos, i love it.

It sounds like you're more in need of a reliable point and shoot, not a rugged DSLR... I recently bought (whilst in Hong Kong, gotta love haggling + that exchange rate haha...) a Panasonic Lumix FT1:


And my reasons were pretty much exactly the same as yours... I take my cameras overseas and they lead a pretty rough life but i couldn't bear to miss out on a good shot due to it being shit. And the fact that this one's waterproof and shockproof and takes a fantastic picture (12 megapixels i think?) i reckon you should look into one because it seems to tick every box you'll need whilst overseas (robust, tough, resists water - rain, spilt beer...) it's tough which'll help whilst jolting around in your bag, and once you get home you'll feel more confident being able to take it everywhere.

4th November 2009, 02:45 PM
seeing as the first few days of my trip I was staying with and nearby family I took my dSLR. Ended up buying an olympus tough8000 (in KL for $280 with second battery and case) similar waterproof/shockproof cam to above not so much because I was worried about losing it but because I got fucking sick of carrying such a big camera around to whip out for mostly happy snaps. Only two or three times did I regret not taking something that takes very nice photo's. and two or three times I was glad I had a little camera that was waterproof.

13th November 2009, 11:03 AM
Yeah, great point ay. I love the pictures i can get out of my DSLR, i just hate lugging the fucking thing around. They're just so much BIGGER and i resent the weight after a while and get sick of karting it around.

Get any good snaps from your trip?

18th November 2009, 12:34 AM
yea got a few good-n's
when I get round to re-sizing them and uploading them will stick em in the photo's thread