View Full Version : SYD: Honda CB250 1973

16th December 2009, 05:14 PM
Location Sydney

Price: 2000

Rego: 12 months.

Selling to buy up on a mates car.

Basically rebuilt carbies which i believe to be Keihin 32mm CV thought suspect a slightly bigger jet. it runs fine. also worked the float chambers and it doesn't leak anymore.

Previous owner confirmed a 175 in the comp test on the engine.

Fork seals have been replaced

chain+sprockets look good for a while.

new front tyre, Led rear light

We rewired for the indicators and the hand controls which all now work nicely. Although we have yet to connect the indicators.

replaced all the fuel lines as they were shit and hard. gave it a general service, oil change, relubing some of the cables etc.

It runs, etc etc. cheap daily bike. great for someone to just wants a cheap bike or something to work on as a project.

Keep in mind it is a old bike it wont be perfect hence a good project.

Contact via pm please.

pics: in the pic it doesn't have a seat but sale does come wiht indicators, seats and standard air filter boxes. We just had them off to make space for us to do work.


17th December 2009, 12:11 PM
nice bike dude, looking for something similar in perth right now.
would be an awesome project. goodluck with it anyway.