View Full Version : Lookin at coming to Archie for a drift need help

10th July 2010, 09:50 AM
Hey guys I'm lookin at comin up for a little holiday to qld and I want to go for a drift at Archie or Even park lands I mainly want to know how many tyres do you roughly go through there as I have only been to one track and it is quiet large, meaning I go through a fair few sets. Only reason why I ask is I'll be driving the 86 up and I'm strapped for room and want as little in the car as possible. I'm thinking three sets should b enough?????Also what is the best day to go drifting there. Thanks guys

10th July 2010, 11:34 AM
park lands is on evey two months or so... look at the raceline website for details
Archy is every wensday unless there have been a massive down pour on wensday or a day or two before hand it will be on.
if you time it right you could also hit a friday night QR session. dates are on Secret drift or i can post them up for ya.

what engine do you run? NA? turbo?
i would be suprised if you were running an NA 4age and you killed one pair of tyres at archy during one session (4hrs)
had a mate with a 20v drift at QR and was able to drive to, on track and home on the same pair.

if your straped for space theres a really good tyre shop down the road from archy that does good deals on kumho's. drive up with 4 rims in the back to save on space and just get tyres when your up here. 66each for admerals 712's in 195/50 R15's

10th July 2010, 12:56 PM
thanks mate yeah i run a 20v na and at railghy track i go through about 6 sets in that day sesion i will bring up a set of four and drift on the rims i have and if i need more ill just have to buy them
edit they arnt new tyres though second hand lookin forward to come asap

10th July 2010, 01:29 PM
lol... i have a bunch of tyres with about 3mm of tread down the middle (IRS caused) you can have. should get you a few laps out of them