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25th January 2011, 12:08 PM
So similar to the Drift Tyre thread, Whats good with pros and cons, i am aware some of the drift tyres/brand may pop up here but if you use it for grip and have good experience with it, by all means share

Car: what car have you driven with these tyres on
tyre: Brand name
Size: size
Rim/wheels size: rim size or brand just to make it interesting
Surface: track, road, touge, sydney hume lumpy highway, wet weather etc..

reasons for this thread, a good list to go by when shopping for new tyres for grip use, guess i'll start

Car: s13 non turbo
Tyre: Bridgestones Adrenaline re001
Size: 195/50/15
Rim/wheels: 15x7 i believe, meshis borrowed off mates ae86
Surface: Wakefield Track, was wet to patchy wet surface

Tyres are bloody magnificent for the price you pay, but you ALL already knew that
after a punishing of 4 hot laps (out of 8-9laps) driving as hard as i could, the tyres really shine where it mattered the most, on understeer..

the tyres will scream out "your fucked!" but in that split 10years of slow motion you watching yourself about to hit the ripple strip and fly over into the grass and dirt, with reasonable amount of understeer in action, it actually still holds its own and turns into the corner still, save my ass about 4 times throughout the whole day on the track where i would of been thrown off the track into the grass due to understeer/hard braking/locking up the brakes/did not brake enough :right:

this is the best thing i found about the re001, saved my ass when i needed it to the most...did i mention my car is full stock?

the only thing i was doubtful about these were when they got really hot, i did notice the car started to slide off a bit from my driving line, even though i was well within 100% control, from the morning start till just before lunch time, the tyres were heating up and it was very noticeable when driving how much easier it was if it were to lose control and brake its maximum grip hold which resulted in not being able to drive 100% for the amount of time i had on the track per session i was out there for

25th January 2011, 09:17 PM
Car: AE86 GZE
Tyre: Toyo Proxes R1R
Size: 195/50/15
Rim/wheels: 15x7 Front, 15x7.5 Rear
Surface: Wakefield Track, Dry and then Wet

New to track days, so don't take my comments to seriously, but I couldn't fault them. After I played with the tyre pressures a bit, I found they liked high rather than low pressures, and they just stuck all day. 6 10 min. Sessions (2 in the wet) managed a 1.15.1 on my first track day so I was happy with em. Got home and was surprised how well they wore, feathered edges abit, from getting hot, but as expected really.


26th January 2011, 07:11 PM
Car: AE86 smallport
Tyre: Toyo Proxes R1R
Size: 205/50/15
Rim/wheels: 15x8 all round
Surface: Wakefield Track, x4 full Dry, x2 full Wet, 1 very wet then track dried out
old pac
mac pass

brilliant tyre, best ive ever used. previously had adrenalins but their wet grip left something to be desired and when pushed on the track after a about 5-6 laps tyres would go off, cool down lap fixed that though. toyo R1R's are awesome in the wet, lots of grip and great on the street as well.
highly recommend them, and about the same price as adrenalins. only down side is that they are tread wear rating of 140...

31st January 2011, 04:01 PM
Car: KE70 4age
Tyre: Advan A048
Size: 205/60/13
Rim/wheels: 13*7 front and rear
Surface: QR, 2x in the dry, once with post flood dust on the track.

These tyres are great, with no other changes other than these I dropped 2.8seconds off my PB for the QR sprint circuit. they are icey as when cold and with a light car take a little work to get up to temp, but nothing that a good warmup lap shouldnt take care of. I'm now running the clubman circuit and finding them to have tons of grip everywhere i throw it, even after bouncing high off ripple strips they rarely break loose. that being said, when they do break free they are very controllable and dont cause massive snaps or undue trips to the sand pit.

PS. they are cheaper in 13*7 as its the same size as what the aussie race cars run. for 14" they were about $40-50 a tyre more expensive.

2nd February 2011, 12:10 PM
with the advans watch the tyre where in the centre of the tyre, it will be an inch wide strip around the whole tyre. these are control tyres in IPRA, and everyone hates them as they go off so quick, and have this stupid wear pattern.

for what your doing they are probably perfect, but when they do wear out have a look at some toyo R888's. they are a better, grippier, longer lasting tyre and they are much cheaper...

11th March 2011, 07:31 PM
Hi was just reading the thread and found the results of what you guys found pretty intresting. Ok this is what I found.

Car: AE86 Bigport
Tyre: Advan A048's
Size: fronts 195/55/15 Rears 225/50/15
Rim Size: Fronts 15x8's Rears 15x9's
Surface: Barb's in Perth, dry day and also so wet.

I run these up at Barbs in Perth and found them to perform very well on a track that is very hard on tyres. When I first went out I wasn't happy with the car at all was moving around all over the place with heaps of understeer when the tyres were up to temp. I played with tyre pressures and found this to be the key to getting the car to do as I wish. I found that a low tyre pressure to be heaps better, I must admite on the first few laps the car was very lazy in the coners and on brakes. After a few laps however it come alive and was turning in just how I wanted and holding the coners at very high speed. I tested all day doing about 50 laps in total in 10 lap blocks and one 15 lap on the short track. I got the tyres to the point that the car would do a very gental slide through some fast coners and hold very well. At the end of the day I found I have very heavy heat cavitation on the outter radius of the front tyres with very heavy feathering all over from breaking. The rears were scrubbed abit with feathering also but didn't experience the wear strip as mentioned above.

Any ways thats what I have found but overall was very happy with the performance of the AO48's, may have to try the R888's see how they go.