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2nd June 2011, 05:10 PM

GSL RallySport stocks the complete range of Remsa high performance brake pads!

Remsa pads are the pinnacle of European quality. Remsa are rated to 650 degrees (versus 550 for something like QFM HPX or Bendix Ultimate), whilst still being low dust and rotor wear. Remsa come with noise reducing features such as a relief grooves and shamfers in the pad material, as well as a soft backing shim as standard. Remsa also come standard with the electronic wear sensors where required!

We've been supplying Remsa to high performance street road cars like Porsche and Ferrari for many years, but the pricing has now become such that we're now able to expand it to most road cars!

Fronts start from $89 per set, whilst rears start from $79 per set.

For more information checkout the Remsa Website (http://www.remsa.com/index.php/mod.productos/mem.listado/relcategoria.1017/relmenu.20) or give us a call on 1300 884 836.

Youtube Video -> Remsa Brake Pad Production (http://youtu.be/b-3ElJYJMb8)



Remsa was established in 1970, with its 39 years of extensive manufacturing knowledge and experience in producing automotive brake parts, it is now a leading company and placing a significant position in the world’s automotive brake parts industry. All Remsa Brake Pads are produced in factories across Europe. It has established ten production and logistic plants across Europe and America supplying customers with exceptional quality products and services..

Remsa’s brake pads have undertaken a comprehensive Road and full scale dynamometer test. AK- Master Test evaluates that the quality of Remsa brake pads are in best performance and going beyond the O.E results of some of the most popular and extended European Vehicle.

Remsa manufactures over 100 million pieces of brake pads annually in order to meet world demand and supply its customers a most complete product range. The range cover up to 99.4% of European, American, Japanese, Korean and Australian applications with more than 2000 references. Accessories that are fully in line with OES specifications are also included in most Remsa Brake pads. All Remsa pads are produced to OE specifications. Most aftermarket supplier in Europe evaluate ECE90 specifications as excellence. However, Remsa only set this as their minimum standard.

ADT (Alpine Decent Test)

All Remsa Brake Pads are tested by Remsa technical driver in Austrian mountain called Grossglockner with a 12% average slope and 18% at the maximum fall to ensure that all the brake pads functions even under this extreme condition.

HPT (High Pressure Treatment)

This is an unique manufacturing process of Remsa. 90% of brake pads reduce their functionarity at high temperature. However, all Remsa brake pads are treated at 650 degree high temperature and applying 10,000N press force per brake pad thus ensuring that the complete surface of the pad is evenly cured and keeps the reliability even at high temperature.

Environmental Friendly

Remsa Brake Pads are unique from an environment standpoint, they are all free of heavy metals such as, among others, lead, copper and asbestos. it is well known that these metals have devastating effects not only on the environment but also on the health of human beings, especially the drivers!!!

All Remsa Brake pads undergo a strict set of test procedures to ensure complete safety of all pads, including:

* Krauss Test
* Compressibility Test
* Heat transfer Test
* Shear Strength Test
* Dynanometer Test
* Alpine Test
* Hill hold Test

6th July 2011, 05:17 PM
REMSA Pads Perform!!!

Fitted the Remsa pads along with a set of new RDA slotted-dimpled rotors on my VZ Commodore. (Remsa Pads supplied by Greg @ GSL)

Taking in to account a new set of pads and rotors are always going to perform & feel better than the worn replacement items, my initial impression of the Remsa pads are everything they claim..... and then some!

Very impressive. Great control, progressive feel, and overall feedback with general motoring at both urban and highway speeds, with plenty of reserve when you need them. These pads are for anyone considering that extra margin in braking performance without scorching your pocket.

And cheers Greg for your help and advice.... I will be spreading the word!