View Full Version : My nice stock new car

6th August 2006, 06:32 PM
Its stock and gonna stay that way got whiteline tail lights. just a nice neat daily, give it a paintjob and
fix the rust drop a 4ac in it as it has no engine ooooh yeah baby

6th August 2006, 06:49 PM
it looks a bit run down, good luck with it though

6th August 2006, 07:08 PM
sikkk camber broooo

6th August 2006, 08:12 PM
^^ that's yours minus hot parts, yes?

6th August 2006, 08:17 PM
yeah, some people on these forum now own mentioned hot parts now http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/tongue.gif

7th August 2006, 12:26 AM
indeed. Good luck with the car Eddy, bit of love and the car will be looking schmick again. Was sad to see it go tho

7th August 2006, 02:54 PM
oi if you want that air con set up holla at me y0

7th August 2006, 09:35 PM
pm me if u wanna sell whiteline ok

8th August 2006, 10:58 PM
Give your opinions on paint colours im not painting it green or red cos i alredy have a green and red 1
would like to keep it yellow any nice yellow ones on here? maybe yellow/black panda

8th August 2006, 11:01 PM
Yup theres a 86 that is yellow, but isnt sporting a panda.

http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forum/in...?showtopic=6242 (http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forum/index.php?showtopic=6242)

Its a nice yellow http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/biggrin.gif

9th August 2006, 01:49 AM
what about pink & white panda, or pink & black? it will really make u stand out, or maybe just like this grey here in this pic, i would love to paint mine this color but i think my funds disagree (pity it's wrecked)

9th August 2006, 02:11 AM
did u drop the 4ac at the back instead of front? http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/tongue.gif

9th August 2006, 02:37 AM
that will buff out!! http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/biggrin.gif

As for painting it a colour, well you seem pretty much set on the idea of yellow.

I dont know what it is with you lot on the otherside of the world but you all love bright colours on your cars. (must be the weather, not like here in the UK http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/sad.gif)

Id say, spray the car yellow (if you must, i prefer a medium grey or red but you said no red)

then keep the front and rear bumpers black but leave the very top part yellow (like on a panda), add a Zenki lip, and keep it nice and low and clean.

perfect and cheap! http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/smile.gif

9th August 2006, 02:39 AM
oh yeah and do somthing about that exhaust, its horrible! http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/smile.gif

If you spray it, get rid of the rubbing strips down the sides and paint the bonnet the same as the car.

I think it would look 'tacky' all in yellow, you need to retain some black to help break the cars clour up.

All IMO http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/biggrin.gif

9th August 2006, 09:24 PM
it will be a good safety car

10th August 2006, 01:49 AM
If you can get your hands on it i reckon go the yellow that's on the holden colour palette... would be pretty cool IMO.


10th August 2006, 02:22 AM
Go poo panda. Brown and black.

10th August 2006, 08:44 AM
holden devil yellow i think it's called is like NYC taxi yellow http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/smile.gif awsome!! lol my g/f used to have a 4 door escort painted in that colour.. there is a nicer yellow that was available on the old LJ torana's not the warick yellow that came on the monaro's (light cashmere mustard almost)

Orange hachi
10th August 2006, 10:32 PM
[attachment=5703:attachment]yeah yellow and black

10th August 2006, 10:53 PM
oh yeah, eddie, watch out for redbacks under the car. It had a mad infestation, I used to wash away the webs every week and next week there would be double http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/blink.gif

11th August 2006, 12:48 AM
If theres a lot of redbacks under the car just go out at night with a can of surface spray and a torch. They come down into their webs at night.

11th August 2006, 02:12 PM
looks like its yellow and black panda then

11th August 2006, 04:51 PM
...with decorative redback webbing! SICK!!!!

12th August 2006, 04:19 PM
I like yellow.....but i spose i have too.....it the color of my car!!! http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/2thumbs.gif


- Luke

12th August 2006, 05:07 PM
Very hot luke http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/tup.gif Like the coding alot

13th August 2006, 04:21 PM
dropped a 4ac in still got weldie got ta23 lcas for camber just needs rego and sheel be on the road then paintjob! goes good

13th August 2006, 04:27 PM
nice work http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/emoticons/tup.gif

13th August 2006, 05:17 PM
what about white and fades to black?