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23rd December 2008, 10:14 PM
Ok, I know we have a few guys in the ACT, I've tried organising events before but due to the lack of running sprinters, turn out's have always been rather thin. (Jo Myself and Steve mainly)

I just want a few hands up and some ideas for events. I can organise Skidpan days no worries, but to bring up the no's (unless some NSW guys join in) I'll have to bring some of the Toymods/CCG fellas along, which is no drama as they're a great bunch of guys.

Wakefield "no speed limit/speed of the street" days are always great, as its just a turn up, pay and race deal.

Hillclimb, I do a lot of work with the SDMA, our local Hillclimb track is a very unique one, Drifting is generally looked down at. but its a great way to hone your skills. The hillclimb run once a month on a sunday (think its the last or first i can never remember) Cost is ok, (bout 70bucks I think) but you only get 4-6 runs depending on the feild size.

Driver training days with 5th Gear motorsport. I can help sort out Cert1 Cert 2in advanced driver training, I can also ask Derek to Tailor a package to suit our needs. Costs are about 150upwards for an entire day. This may also help with your insurance bringing down your excess/premiums etc

Random Drives - Keen to do say a Coast lunch trip. or a trip to the gong going down Mac Pass, maybe meet up with the 86 guys there for a chat/feed.

Also, We can sort out cotter drives, easy.

Any other ideas? Interest?

24th December 2008, 08:19 PM
Iam in!
as soon as the car's ready

24th December 2008, 09:15 PM
Drifting hillclimb is fun though :p
I'll come to whatever now the Roll's rego'd :)

16th January 2009, 09:40 AM
I can see if any of the Altezzaclub guys want to come to a skidpan day-


16th January 2009, 08:29 PM
sounds good man, I've post a list of events already planned. I'd still like to organise a track day too. I'll ask some of the NSW boys and see if they're keen

17th January 2009, 04:50 PM
Murulan driver training center

1700 a day, and we can do whatever we like :) skidpna, drift grip...

20th January 2009, 04:08 PM
need at least 10 people to make it worth while.

20th January 2009, 05:56 PM
There is also a 6hr regularity on at Wakefiled soon, minimum of 2 cars and 3 drivers, maximum of 6 cars / 6 drivers per team $1500 entry (total) Wakefiled AASA Licence or Cams club level.

Dear Competitor

Wakefield Park will conduct a new event in 2009 called the Wakefield 6 Hour Regularity. The concept of this event has been very popular in Victoria and SA with oversubscribed grids at the events. The event is being held on the 6th and 7th of March.

The Six Hour Regularity differs from the traditional 6 Hour race in that it is not an outright race and people can compete on a minimum licences of a AASA (Wakefield) Club Licences or CAMS L2 and can be done it street cars, track cars or race cars.

It has been a great way for clubs and groups of racers to team up with mates and have a fun weekend of motorsport.

This year’s Phillip Island event had a full grid of 50 teams and the Winton event this year also had a full grid of around 40 teams. You can check the Natsoft results below to see what type of cars have been running in this event.



The Wakefield event will have a grid capacity of 36 teams which would be amazing if NSW could emulate the Victorian events and have a full grid in its first year.

The entry fee is $1,500 which includes up to 6 drivers/6 cars (minimum of 3 drivers/2 cars) a pit lane Garage and timing transmitters for all of the cars in the team.

There are minimum and maximum lap times and competitors must fall between the two for the event so the speed difference is not too great.

Min lap time: 1min 5 sec
Max lap time: 1min 25 sec

The Scoring system is designed so that the team with the lowest Final Factor wins the event.
The following is an explanation on how this Final Factor is arrived at and a description of the
variables that make up the calculation.

*Goal Laps
For this example, each team comprises a minimum of 4 competitors and each competitor
nominates a lap time in whole seconds that they believe they can maintain while on the circuit.
Those nominated lap times (in seconds) are averaged and divided into 6 hours to give a
theoretical maximum number of laps that could be achieved by the team. This number is then
doubled and rounded to the nearest whole number to take into account “Bonus Laps” to
arrive at “Goal Laps” for the team.

4 drivers Driver #1 nominates 1:15.00 = 75 seconds
Driver #2 nominates 1:20.00 = 80 seconds
Driver #3 nominates 1:19.00 = 79 seconds
Driver #4 nominates 1:12.00 = 72 seconds
Total = 306 / 4 = 76.5
21600 (6 hours) / 76.5
= 282.35 x 2 = 564 Goal Laps

In car timers or any device that can be used to regulate the drivers time may not be used during the event.

There is more info in the regulations on bonus laps and their scoring as well as minimum car safety requirements.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call the Wakefield Park Office


Matthew J. Ronke

23rd January 2009, 07:59 PM
They use to run a 6hr event a the creek. These are great format races. Maybe next year one a few of the cars are up to spec