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obey wan boenny
17th December 2007, 08:22 PM
For sale: 1984 KE70 Corolla

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Asking Price: $1200 ono

Killometer's: I think it has about 264000 on the clock, the dash I put in was either 10,000 more or less than what the original was. Can't remember.

Manual or Automatic transmission: 5 Speed Manual

Engine Type: 4k

Condition:Overall good condition. A few patches of paint that didn't match up when I did a few patches, other than that, paint's good. Only rust I've noticed is a little bit in the rear guard and in the side of the boot.

Modifications: Cut Falcon springs in the rear with Suzuki Vitara shocks, King Springs in the front. 13'' Hotwire wheels will be on the car for the sale. Tacho dash, Spirit wing, and I guess what you'd call a 'panda' paint job. Yeah, fully sick.

Road Worth Certificate: No

Registration: Rego'd till Friday (21/12) so if you're quick you'll have rego, or if you give me the $300 odd, I can renew it for you to give you time to get the roady.

Crash History: Not that I'm aware of.

Other Comment's about the vehicle: Overall good car, good fun in the wet. Waterpump is a year old, new fuel pump and reco'd alternator. Muffler's blown in half but if you really want one I can reweld one on. Can throw in a spare diff too. At the moment the brake booster's rooted so the brakes really aren't existant and I haven't hooked up my handbrake lines again, they're in the boot though. Other than that, there's a bit of an oil leak somewhere but that's about it. It's a good car, still plenty of life in the engine. Shell's good so it'd be a good project. Selling it because I bought a new car and don't need this one anymore.

Contact: Andrew on 0432167982.

NOTE: NOT SOLD WITH THE WHEELS PICTURED. I'll be selling the longchamps seperately.

If you have any questions, give me a call. If you don't like the price, don't buy it, I don't want to hear about it.


17th December 2007, 08:29 PM
you bastard with your ceffy (its dimi on daves account)

good luck with the sale bruv

19th December 2007, 10:22 PM

20th December 2007, 11:48 PM
Oh, if only I didn't start working till after new years..

25th December 2007, 11:21 AM