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19th January 2008, 01:58 PM
Due to needing to go overseas I need to sell one of my cars

This car will be up for sale in 3 weeks time when I go thorugh my 2nd round of Regency. (import, just small things to fix) As a result no pics for 3 weeks.

JDM Black Notch Back 86 with all the JDM goodies - Zenki GTAPEX model
Climate control model
Power steering
Suspension Climb Gears in front, Standard ride height. Makes a good daily but allows a bit of fun
JDM 4age
JDM gearbox
Front Vented JDM brakes
Rear Disc to Disc rear end
JDM 4.3 Crown Pinion
TRD 1.5way LSD
Pioneer CD MP3
Side Skirts
front Lip
14" JDM after market mags (mix match drift style)
Composite Bonnet
Apexi Air pod

11k as is
12k with jap coil overs and rear trd greens, lowered springs.
This way gives you options to use it as a daily or a weekend racer.

The blue ke70 - Was built for fun and light competitions
engineered with 100kw 4age
maintained new oil/ filter every 3 months.
Rare Celica GTR leather bound twin cam steering wheel
2.5inch exhaust
Toms Aggressive rally Suspension
Sprinter front Struts
Sprinter JDM Vented Front brakes
JDM Rear Sprinter Disc to Disc
Tomei 2 way LSD
JDM 4.3 Crown and Pinion
JDM 14" Cross Fever light weight racing mags
near new 14/185 55 profile nankangs. real grippy.
Aluminium Bash plate
New Extreme Light Weight Flywheel
New Extreme heavy duty organic Clutch
Albins Close Ratio gearbox t50, Rally/ drift gearing. (was put in 2 months ago)

9k ready to go.
or 7.5k with a stock T50.
or 7k with stock t50 and stock flywheel and clutch.
You could port all the parts into an 86 but I wouldn't bother cause the engine is engineered to that car.

I dont really want to sell either but I just cant afford air tickets otherwise.
Please dont bug me for pics for 3 weeks. I only posting now so people can think about it. If not I would wait till I had pics in hand.

Strictly no time wasters, test pilots or tire kickers.
That means if you dont have the money, dont waste my time.

Cars in SA Metro. Obviously, if in Adelaide you can test the ke70 now but the 86 can only be tested when the car gets through regency.
Understandably, I will not let anyone behind the wheel of one of my cars unless they have given me a 10% deposit before hand which they will receive back when the car comes back in the same condition it left.
Will ship to any state at your expence.

Leave a PM/reply here or call 0423 028 526
I will not answer PMs if they have already been posted. So please read this post properly.

3rd April 2008, 06:11 PM
Like the 86

got pics of it yet ?


3rd April 2008, 07:27 PM
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Like the 86

got pics of it yet ?


yes, i thought i let this thread die.
please see this one instead.

http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/board/in...showtopic=27075 (http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/board/index.php?showtopic=27075)

Still in Japan. Got to have a drive of the Newera Levin at the docks. One nice car.