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21st May 2009, 07:56 PM
Posting this for myself and my mate (who is stressing over keeping his 32 unrego'd solely as a track car)
He is worried that there is not enough events in Brisbane/surrounds that cater for his car and time (mainly weekends)

Basically we just want to be able to go out and have some fun/bit of competition etc on the weekends... not so much into drift but would still be keen to go out and do some sliding.

1st - What events are on that would suit and how often are they run?

2nd - What requirements car wise are needed, from our short research its come to attention that a lot of events require the car to be road registered (which defeats the reasoning of it being a race track, hence why you would have a track car that caters for that sole purpose 'racing' or whatever.?

3rd - We know we have to sort out a cams license and helmet fire proof clothing etc, is there any other important issues we haven't considered?

4th - As much info on Lakeside's events would be good also, it looks like a fun course, a little more interesting than QR:soldier:

5th - I have a mental blank at the moment so just add as much helpful info as you can..

Yes we plan to call these places and what not for the finer details but thought this would be a good place to start finding out whats on and about and hearing first hand from members that hit the track themselves.

Niz & Adz

23rd May 2009, 10:26 AM
1. http://www.queenslandraceway.com.au/event_calendar.html

Couple of events there and the dates. (Saturday arvo sprints and lakeside street sprints are for road registered vehicles only). Not to sure on the TopGear Car Racing or Queensland Racing Drivers Championship best to just go out on a day its on and have a look, ask some questions.

Hill climbs are run by MG Car Club of Queensland

And there are motorkhanas run by Holden Sporting Car Club of Queensland

2. http://www.queenslandraceway.com.au/Administration/pdf/VehicleAndApparel.pdf

I've never had my car checked for anything at sprints but it is road registered so not sure how they go about checking race cars.

For cams approved events your car must comply with the cams rules. Having my car check for a motorkhana only had to tape up the position terminal on my battery. They where checking things like seats secure and seatbelts, mainly safety stuff and no oil leaks etc.

3. Don't think you need a cams licence for QR events as they run under their Australia Auto Sport Alliance (AASA). You do need one for Motorkhana and Hill climbs though.

4. Yes lakeside is so much better then QR. Its owned by QR so the same rules apply. Only other thing to remember is the car must be under 95db.

5. Just go out and have a look, you can walk around the pits on sprint days (not sure about race days) and talk to people ask questions etc.

Thats all I can think of atm.

23rd May 2009, 01:09 PM
awesome response man, cheers..

(Saturday arvo sprints and lakeside street sprints are for road registered vehicles only)

With this I was reading on the lakeside site that cars must be road registered OR be able to be road registered in QLD, so that suggests that un rego'd cars can enter events providing they are road worthy and of course the 95db rule comes into play. This seems like a bit of a grey area to us as a lot of the things that are deemed necessary for a road going car to be 'roadworthy' would surely have some leniency at the track...

23rd May 2009, 06:05 PM
Not to sure about that, maybe just shoot them an email and ask. You could probably get away with it anyway, a fair few people take their plates off and they only some times check your rego sticker for passenger rides. There was one guy who use to take his plates off his street car and put them on the track car and drive it there and race.

Just remembered, check out http://www.timeattack.com.au/
Only been to one of these events and seem pretty good and you get heaps of track time.

25th May 2009, 10:13 PM
grafton hillclimbs are on fairly regularly niz, im sure being from lismore that youi know the distance from bris to grafton (bout 3 hours)

but yeah ill probably be hittin them up soon

i think you need a cams licence and you dont need to have a road regod car so thats sweet

if you google grafton sporting car club they can give you all the info you need as they are a cams affiliated club etc, not sure if u gotta be a member or not but yeah google em up and give em a buzz

hope i helped, and if you plan on going down, let me know as ill bring my beast down for a thrash

26th May 2009, 06:24 PM
Grafton ay.. awesome, I was just talking about events over the border today with my mate... I'd be willing to travel for sure (when my car is well set-up enough) that shouldn't be overly far away I hope..

Cheers Brendawg

26th May 2009, 06:38 PM
i know your probably more keen on some grip stuff, but i think the morning drift sessions at qr are a awesome way to get into it all (like you said you still wanna do some sliding). if you head over to secretdrift - qr section, you find some info on the morning practices, really good laid back half a day with like 20 cars max.

26th May 2009, 06:42 PM
yeah that's something we will keep in mind also.. cheers Robo

25th March 2013, 07:32 PM
wow just found my thread from way back.... so as it stands my 86 as taken ALOT longer to build than anticipated, but its getting near that stage of been useable again, kept it registered all this time and now that these new laws and the heavy focus on modded vehicles of late is definitely swaying me to only have my 86 as a track only car.... such a shame as mountains are what I enjoy most, but I guess I'm going to have to get my fix legally through motoring events..... kind of shits me also as I would have put less focus into having my car suited to street use and more into making it a competitive race car to an extent.... anyways I'm in the process of finding out all I need to enter some events in the nearish future, going to go watch the mt cotton hill climb in June for a start... that should give me some motivation and opportunity to see how its all run etc.... Also got buy/build a trailer

25th March 2013, 08:12 PM
I still take my car to the sprints, should come out and have a look one day. My car is no longer has rego but I still enter the Street sprints so my comment from before was incorrect.

25th March 2013, 09:33 PM
Yeah I'd like to come out one day and have a watch, mostly at Lakeside, send me a pm next time your heading out to lakeside and I'll try and head down and have a sus