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22nd September 2011, 03:33 PM
Hi Guys,
Over on the ford forums there is an interesting topic that a member raised up about the Chamfered design of Bendix’s GCT and 4WD brake pad range.



Both these pads are Bendix GCT. Picture 1 is the newly designed GCT pad with Bendix’s Stealth technology. Picture 2 is the older GCT design, which is more like your traditional brake pads.

Most obvious difference between the two is the chamfered contact patch seen in picture one. This is what I would like to address.

Is stealth technology just a marketing hype?
Tim an application engineer at Bendix explains:

Friction Force:
Friction force is not affected by contact area. Newton gave us the relationship F = µN, where F is the friction force of the pad stopping the rotor, N is the force applied by the piston to the back plate, and µ is the coefficient of friction of the pad. Contact area doesn't come into the equation.

A smaller pad surface area means higher contact pressure. Higher contact pressure gives more friction force per unit area, which balances exactly against less area... to give the same overall friction force as a full-face pad. Paddle clutches don't slip even though they have less contact area than a conventional clutch. Women in stilettos don't slide down hills even though they have very little contact area with the ground. Stealth pads have just as much stopping power as a full-face pad in the same friction material.

As the name suggests, GeneralCT is designed for general purpose use. The aim is for comfort over full-on brake bite. No dust, no noise. Adequate brake performance for normal drivers under normal conditions – with some in reserve for emergencies – but not the best choice for spirited, enthusiastic or abusive driving.

To get a higher friction level and better resistance to abusive conditions, there are trade-offs to be made. Brake dust, and a higher tendency for noise, are an inevitable consequence. Neither is acceptable for a mainstream "general purpose" aftermarket brake pad. For GeneralCT, the balance is tipped in favour of comfort.

Car enthusiasts are more likely to want the balance tipped in favor of performance. Bendix Ultimate would be the next step. For serious performance, take a look at StreetRoadTrack.

Hope this clears things up.

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