View Full Version : 10 Days of DBA Madness! The clearance list you'll be forwarding to your friends!!!

15th November 2011, 06:38 PM

Ok, so lets be honest, up until now, DBA's clearance lists have been of the 'less popular items', as in, they've been clearance for a reason!


From this Thursday, starts the clearance list we've all been waiting for! One day, one vehicle, unbelievable pricing!!! Below is the list of available vehicles, and the only day that that vehicle's package deals are available on!

17th November S13 180SX SR20DET
18th November VE V6 Commodore
21st November Mk5 Golf GTi
22nd November VE V8 Commodore (inc. Redline)
23rd November R33 GTR Skyline (Brembo)
24th November VT-VZ Commodore (inc. SSZ and HSV)
25th November R34 Skyline
28th November MY99-MY07 WRX
29th November JZA 80 Supra 4/2 Pot (Big Brakes)
30th November MY01-MY04 WRX STi (Brembo)

All orders are pre orders, and delivery is estimated to be early December!

First in until sold out, quickest way to order is credit card over the phone, 1300 884 836, or else drop us an email, sales at gslrallysport.com and we can organise direct deposit!

Each vehicle is only available on the above date, and only whilst stocks last!!

All the packages and their pricing for the 10 days can be found here:
http://www.gslrallysport.com/DBA/GSL%20RallySport%2010%20Days%20of%20DBA%20Madness! .pdf
I will be opening a new thread for each day of the sale, with full details etc.

Regardless of whether you need brakes right now, take advantage of this pricing whilst available!

As always, any questions just let us know!