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23rd July 2012, 03:16 PM
Hi my name is Eoin (pronounced Owen for any Australians ect reading)
Ive been in Sydney 4 years now. I work in central qld on fly in fly out but got a good roster (10 on 4 off) so im back every second weekend.
so any way i finally have bought a var ive wanted for a long long long time! so heres the story about my ae86
I bought it on 21 July 2012 from an Australian Guy.
He had owne the car since 1990, when it was an ADM ae86 with a 4a-c engine I think. He resprayed the car in 90/91 in the original 8a8 and colourcoded the bumpers and grill. He changed the engine to a 4AGE shortly later and changed it again to a 4AGZE from an AE101. Not sure what year he did the supercharged conversion but the car has been in his garage more or less full time since 1995, it’s a very clean shell only getting out 3 or 4 times a year in good weather at a push. The car was engineered and made road legal in 2005 I think with the supercharged engine. Then in 2007 the engineers report was revised to allow for the change from supercharged to turbo. He rolled the clocks back to 00000 2.5 years ago and when I picked up the car it had 1480kms.There is a few little stone chips on it but the paint is in very good condition. It’s an unbelievable build (in my opinion anyway) by a guy who is a true ae86 enthusiast. And lucky for me I was on the hunt for one and made a call to guy who organised for me to meet the previous owner. Let me just say when he took the cover off it I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Two weeks later I was driving it home smiling from ear to ear! He gave me all the receipts for all the bits, the original drivers manual everything you could ask for really, real nice bloke!
The only photos i have are taken with my phone so ill get better ones when i come back from work in 10 days. (she's hidden away in a garage under a cover until i get back)

AE101 4AGZE Bottom End
4AGE Bigport Head – ported by JB race engines with hardened valve guides & re-shimmed
TRD Multilayer Steel Head Gasket
TRD Valve Springs
TRD Pin Type Sprockets
ARP Head Stud Kit
4AGZE Crank Angle Sensor
Bigport Camshafts
Bigport Inlet Plenum, ceramic coated
TVIS plate butterflies removed
440cc 7MGTE Injectors
Fuel Rail twin fed & regulator moved to centre
Tig welded steampipe turbo manifold, ceramic coated
Stainless 2.5” Mandrel bent exhaust throughout & high flow cat
TD04 Turbo (ex Subaru WRX)
APS Cast Dump Pipe, ceramic coated
Microtech LT10S Injection with X4 Box ignition sequential fire
Microtech hand controller
2JZGTE Ignition coil-on-plug
Sixworks tach amplifier (to make factory tacho work)
Toda race 3.7kg flywheel
Sprung clutch with uprated excedy pressureplate
Greddy Profec B electronic boost controller
Turbosmart type II BOV
Mitsubishi Evo 6 intercooler
Mocal oil cooler
Mocal oil cooler thermostat
Remote Z9 oil filter mount
Aeroquip fittings
Koyo Radiator
Battery relocated to the boot

W57 Supra MA
Dellow bellhousing/kit

One piece Spicer tube build by Sydney Driveline Services

Corona MkII F series
Eaton Truetrac Torsen (Helical) LSD

Simmons 3 piece V 16x6.5

Koni Sports Kit Springs
Koni Gold Adjustable Shocks
Whiteline Blade type adjustable rear swaybay
Whiteline adjustable panhard rod
Corona XT130 front lower arms (10mm longer)
Eurathane bushings throughout all links/arms etc
Technotoy Tunings traction brackets
Technotoy Tuning front tri-bar
Cusco rear strut bar

Brakes – front:
Technotoy Tuning big brake kit
Wilwood dynalight forged callipers
Brakes – rear:
Corona Avante Rear dics
Wilwood Forged Dynalight twin piston rear callipers
Braided steel brake lines

Fuel System:
Bosch 044 in tank pump with Aeroquip one way valve
Jap fuel tank with swirl pot
JVC head unit with Bluetooth phone kit

Black Widow – passive alarming + remote central locking

84 seats
Genuine TRD wheel
VDO gauges
Greddy boost guage

I have a dyno sheet sheet here showing the car at 242.4 bhp at 18psi and 210 ish at 12psi.

23rd July 2012, 03:28 PM
i cant load pics direct from my laptop...any one who why?

23rd July 2012, 03:47 PM

23rd July 2012, 05:34 PM
Great base you have there.. should be a fun car to drive.

23rd July 2012, 08:29 PM
Looks good mate nicely done!!

23rd July 2012, 09:08 PM
Looks good mate nicely done!!

29th January 2014, 11:07 AM

looks a bit difference now...

15*7.5 -5 meshies and Greddy coilovers

drift kid
29th January 2014, 11:49 AM

29th January 2014, 12:40 PM
Good lad,deffo improvement!

29th January 2014, 04:15 PM
thanks John, massive improvement! have genuine centre caps for the wheels too and have the mouldings for the doors, wing and quarter to go on next time i'm home! that'll be it finished!

17th March 2014, 11:10 AM
What are the chances of this! both 4age turbos owned by Irish lads!