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11th August 2012, 05:50 PM
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GSL RallySport (www.gslrallysport.com) and Brakes Direct (www.brakesdirect.com.au) stocks the complete range of Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) disc rotors, from OEM and standard replacement, right through to the 4000 and 5000 series single and two piece high performance brake rotors!

DBA Street Series (www.brakesdirect.com.au)

High quality street level disc brake rotors suitable for normal street driving conditions. Available as a standard Direct OE replacement, T2 slot design or X-GOLD cross-drilled and slotted style!

http://gslrallysport.com/images/forums/DBA/DBA%20Street%20Series%20Direct%20Replacement.jpght tp://gslrallysport.com/images/forums/DBA/DBA%20Street%20Series%20T2%20Slotted.jpghttp://gslrallysport.com/images/forums/DBA/DBA%20Street%20Series%20X%20Gold%20Cross%20Drilled .jpg

DBA Street Heavy Duty (www.brakesdirect.com.au)

HD or Heavy-Duty brake rotors is the next level up from Street Series. Hidden within its material composition is DBA's XG150 high carbon alloyed iron and TSP or Thermal Stability Profiling. These rotors are designed for appearance and braking performance!

http://gslrallysport.com/images/forums/DBA/DBA%204000%20Series%20HD%20Replacement.jpghttp://gslrallysport.com/images/forums/DBA/DBA%204000%20Series%20X%20Gold%20Cross%20Drilled.j pghttp://gslrallysport.com/images/forums/DBA/DBA%205000%20Series%20X%20Gold%20Cross%20Drilled.j pg

DBA 4X4 Survival Series (www.brakesdirect.com.au)

For the 4WD enthusiast, the 4X4 Survival series comes in two levels of performance. The entry level T2 slot design, or the more advanced T3 slot design for the series off-road or heavy duty towing applications.


DBA CLUBSPEC Road & Race (www.brakesdirect.com.au)

DBA's most advanced brake rotor on the market. These rotors are designed to perform in extreme road and race applications. Available as a one piece 4000 series T3 or as a light-weight 2 piece 5000 series T3 slot design.

http://gslrallysport.com/images/forums/DBA/DBA%204000%20Series%20Clubspec%20T3%20Slotted.jpgh ttp://gslrallysport.com/images/forums/DBA/DBA%205000%20Series%20Clubspec%20T3%20Slotted.jpg

DBA Kangaroo Paw (www.brakesdirect.com.au)

‘Kangaroo Paw’ is a patented hi-tech disc rotor ventilation system which features a series of 144 diamond and tear drop shaped pillars individually spaced between the rotor faces. This patented design cools the rotor faster, working on the same principal as an air-impeller designed to extract hot air and increases dimensional strength and stability across the disc rotor.

These advances increase the disc rotor’s efficiency by as much as 20% when compared to a conventional rotor designs and tests are proving that the design is effective for vehicles prone to brake ‘judder’ which is a growing problem around the world.

Importantly, customers fitting DBA ‘Kangaroo Paw’ rotors will benefit from significantly better braking performance at no extra cost (Patent No. 742353)


DBA XG150 Alloyed Iron (www.brakesdirect.com.au)


DBA Thermal Heat Marking Paint (www.brakesdirect.com.au)


DBA Thermal Stability Profiling (www.brakesdirect.com.au)


For more information or to purchase any DBA disc rotor, contact the following distributors:

GSL RallySport
Ph: 1300 884 836 (within Australia)
Ph: +617 3188 7534 (International)
Email: sales@gslrallysport.com
Web: www.gslrallysport.com
Address: Unit 5 / 14 Buttonwood Place, Willawong QLD 4110

Brakes Direct National Offices
Ph: 1300 724 943 (within Australia)
Ph: 09 951 5726 (within New Zealand)
Email: sales@brakesdirect.com.au
Web: www.brakesdirect.com.au

Brakes Direct State Branches
North QLD - Ph: (07) 4422 0303
South East QLD - Ph: (07) 3177 0806
NSW - Ph: (02) 9191 9387
ACT - Ph: (02) 6171 2025
VIC - Ph: (03) 9938 8221
TAS - Ph: (03) 6111 0500
SA - Ph: (08) 7070 1402
WA - Ph: (08) 6500 0151
NT - Ph: (08) 7999 7400

8th October 2012, 11:40 AM
DBA's Patented Kangaroo Paw versus traditional straight slot!