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4th December 2012, 05:26 PM

We all have been in the position where all thatís left is this tiny bit of grime, or grease that you just canít get too. Instead of pulling hairs out there is a fast acting cleaner & degreaser (Australian Made!!) which will effectively remove brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brakes and part components.


Best thing about Bendixís Cleaner & Degreaser is that not only is it effective on brake parts, this solution can be used on other components and as a general purpose degreaser anywhere in the workshop. The 1L compressed air mini sprayer is the perfect applicator giving you enhanced coverage and is built tough for durability and chemical resistance.


Bendix has made this product available in your standard 400g spray can and 20L drum (more oriented to workshop use). So big or small job, Bendixís Cleaner & Degreaser will penetrate rapidly, clean instantly and evaporate fast!

For more information: Click Here (http://clixtrac.com/goto/?50463) to visit Bendixís homepage.