View Full Version : s13 sway, castor rod and LCA for ke70 with s13 sussy

13th March 2013, 08:58 PM
k mates.. running a full s13 front end.

curios what people have used for sway bar and castor?

use full s13 sway and castor rod with modified s13 mounts to suit the ke70 radiator support and rails? or modify the ke shit (castor,sway and there mounts) to meet the s13 lca ???

just want peoples experience and thoughts as there is no right and wrong way to do this but yeeeeee chaps


any one selling adjustable s13 LCAs so i can bring my camber and track in.. thanks

0411294023 shaun

14th March 2013, 12:41 PM
R31 LCA's are only about 10mm or something longer than std so work perfect with S13 front into ke.

14th March 2013, 09:20 PM
oh really! didnt know that.. ill be sure to look into it as a cheaper option over getting adjustables thanks

28th March 2013, 03:13 PM
easiest option imo is to use the standard castor rods and modify the lca....

and yes r31 lca is a good option for reducing track, but also reduces some of the effective improvements of the s13 front end...

28th March 2013, 06:14 PM
hrmm.. i meet a guy tday had a really nice ae71 with sr front sussy and used ae86 castor rod/swaybar mounts and that mount set up dont know the exact name worked well :) even with the s13 lca gona post up in the wanted to buy section

29th March 2013, 08:59 PM
ok made my decision. s13 lca s13 castor rod ae86 mounts ... cut shut lca 10mm or somthing. i was told this combo works well and the 86 mounts for sway an castor arm matches up well

30th March 2013, 08:15 AM
why bother cutting and shutting for a pissy 10mm. just take the track improvement and use it properly. Dont know how you think s13 castor rods will fit a ae71/ae86/ke70 mount unless you plan on remaking the body mount??

you can use a ae86 front end with a s13 rear end, or simply redrill one hole in the s13 lca and bolt it together.

there is also a thread with a bazillion pages that covers most/all of this anyways...

30th March 2013, 10:21 PM
i used the search but nothing useful to me had come up. im know im gona have to modify other wise ill just use the toyota castor rod.. ill work it out and make the best option.

1st April 2013, 08:57 AM
given you placed a thread about ke70 suspension in a forum marked for 86 brz cars, i dare say you didnt excel at the searching either....

check technical questions higher up the forum page, about 4th topic in.... s13 suspension how to information.

1st May 2013, 12:20 AM
dafuq is this doing in here?