View Full Version : For Sale: RB20DET, ecu, loom, etc.

28th October 2013, 06:00 PM
Hey guys, i have a complete RB20DET engine from a 1993 R32 GTST with 130xxx km on the clock, comes with near new clutch, ecu, loom, cas, ignitor, injectors, coil packs, manifold, turbo, flywheel, starter motor, afm, alternator, etc. basically all you need is a gearbox and your ready to stick it in whatever. Apparntly the head has been done on it, the head is cleaner then the rest of the engine.. I am looking for 1k for it since everything you need is there for it and it comes with basically a brand new clutch and was running perfectly before it was taken out. If you want more info or pics pm me and shoot me an offer, the worst i can do is say no lol, Thanks :)