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3rd February 2014, 12:22 PM
Hi Guys,

This is a placeholder atm, for all engineering related questions / answers that come up from time to time.


1. The advice applies to states that work with the National Code of Practice, VSB14 which is QLD, NSW and ACT specifically but in most cases the engineering process will be sound for other states as well.

2. The NCOP provides a guideline for what is able to be done. Different Engineers may have higher risk tolerance than myself or require less evidence that a vehicle continues to comply with the Australia Design Rules.

3. Unless you are a paying customer, all advice given is of a generic nature and you should check with your engineer prior to commencing any works.

There will be no responsibility or liability / damages paid resulting of any advice given.

Common Questions

Q. My car is currently mod plated in QLD , can I transfer the Rego without engineering within NSW?

No, not unless the certifying engineer is listed in both states. Also when transferring the registration you will be required to comply with current legislation. This is something to keep in mind in the vehicle has been engineered for some time and may have a larger engine fitted (eg 13B turbo in a KE20) and engineered under the old scheme and is no longer able to be certified under the NCOP.

For generic registration purposes, if your car is currently registered in QLD , you will need a blue slip to register it in NSW.

Q. Do i need to engineer a 4age in a ke70

Yes, the NCOP states that if the vehicle is fitted with an engine that has either a 20% increase in capacity or power then it must be certified unless it was a factory option for that chassis type.

Q. What engines can I engineer into an e-chassis?

Working on a tare weight of 920kg which is pretty close for most variants you are able to go to a maximum capacity of 3680cc naturally aspirated or 2530cc for forced induction.

The weight used to calculate the engine capacity is the factory tare weight from the compliance data.

Rolling in with a weight bridge certificate will get you nowhere.

Q. Do you have an engineer to recommend?

Find someone that is accessible and willing to discuss this stuff with you. The NCOP is reasonably new in NSW and QLD, we have been using it in the ACT for 6 years so there is some depth of knowledge across the boarder.

Most engineers like cars, it is in their interest for us to modify cars and good ones want to get you legal.

Try to avoid falling into the common trap most of us do, and tell our life story about the car we own. Yes it is our pride and joy, but the engineer doesn't need to know every last bit of detail or how you lost your virginity on the bonnet.

Remember the engineer is busy, they deal with inquiries all day every day. Time is money to them.

When you ask a question, don't start to answer it with what you have read up on.

Say, I've got a ke70 with a 4age, t50 box, used the ae71 peddle box, ae86 xmember that bolts straight in and rx7 brakes etc. What do i need to do get it engineered?

Then listen and the engineer will tell you what you need to do, an engineer will ask a few more questions and then most likely tell you to come in.

Q. How much does it cost to engineer my car?

The evidence requiremented for certification are now higher as well as mandated data entry requirement for NSW reports.

Don't be surprised when the engineer tells you that your engine conversion will cost you over $1000 to certify.

Q. My car is engineered yet I've been defected? Wtf?

The engineering certificate, when done properly, will demonstrate that the vehicle continues to comply with the ADR's. In some cases where there is doubt about this through a change in configuration of the vehicle or lack of detail in the report you may still receive a defect to enable the matter to be followed up by the relevant authorities. Knowingly driving a vehicle that is not in a roadworthy condition (through illegal or un-certified modifications) can have a significant impact on how you are dealt with with regards to traffic offenses and in the most extreme sense can void your insurance in the event of an accident.
I'll come back to this later, but it is a start!

drift kid
3rd February 2014, 03:15 PM
I can see this getting waay out of hand real quick

3rd February 2014, 03:28 PM
Possibly, but we have a certified engineer in our club for NSW members , so I'll filter the BS and make sure the inquiries are genuine before referring them on.

3rd February 2014, 07:01 PM
Here is my Writeup on the process for South Australia.


TL,DR - Assume nothing, call an engineer. You'll be surprised what you can do.

28th December 2014, 09:22 AM
Hi all

Not sure how true this is but the Mod Plate guy i last used in QLD stated that the Blue Plate is now recognised Australia wide. So that means a car Mod plated / Complied in QLD is now recognised in every state.


28th December 2014, 10:32 AM
I can't see how it would be as there are different legislative requirements in each state. This is the very reason why we can't have a national car club. It might stop them defecting you when driving in NSW, but you won't be able to transfer the rego without getting it re-engineered etc.

12th June 2017, 10:33 AM
I am looking for a right side head light for a 1986 american spec toyota AE 86 sr_5 can you help me ?