View Full Version : ToyotaFest 2014 Wrap Up - Sunday 5th October 2014

12th November 2014, 08:37 PM

Well ToyotaFest has been and gone for another year. And this year it was hot… literally!


136 Toyota’s of all models were on show for the day. The Toy Mods Car Club is surprised every year with the variance in models that come out every year for the festival. Last year there were many classic Celica’s in attendance and a solid showing from the new Toyota 86 owners. This year the Crown’s, Corolla’s were up on numbers, and even a really solid showing from the MR2 guys which is always good to see.


Several clubs came along in force, including the Radrollaz crew, Canberra Celica Club, Toyota Car Club, and the MR2 Club which saw great variety of cars for the crowd to admire.


Bendix (http://clixtrac.com/goto/?50463) Brakes is proud to be supporting the Toyota car community as sponsors of the ToyotaFest 2014. New for 2014, were Encouragement Awards for individuals with vehicles that stood out to the judges on the day. Each recipient took away a Medallion and a prize pack including a set of their choice of Bendix Brake Pads for their beloved Toyota.


Encouragement Awards Recpients:

Entrant No. 98 - Antony Gymellas | Lexus IS200

Entrant No. 45 - Windsor Suen | 2001 Echo Sportivo

Entrant No. 14 - James Linney | 1983 MA61 Supra (2JZ-GTE)

Entrant No. 18 - Shaun Mejlak | 1984 AE86 Trueno – 86FURY

Entrant No. 100 - Ben Folks - Radrollaz | 1972 KE20 Corolla

Entrant No. 119 - Matt Ellard | 1974 TA22 Celica (3TGTEU)

Entrant No. 36 - Will - AU Starlet Club | 1989 EP71 Starlet

Entrant No. 133 - Richard Blake | 1976 KE30 Corolla.

Entrant No. 40 - Bassim Abdallah | 1989 Supra (2JZ-GTE)

Entrant No. 34 - Eric Watton | 1988 AE91 Corolla


Judging for the main trophy categories took place throughout the day and in some classes the judging was quite close. The awards ceremony was delayed slightly whilst the judges split hairs over 2 classes in particular.


“This year Bendix came on board as main trophy sponsor and also supplied the pens and goodies in the entrants goodie bags, which was great as there was no excuse for not having a pen for filling in the entrants choice form!” – Simon (Toy Mods Events Coordinator)


The results for the Main Trophy Classes are as follows:

Best Original Classic Entrant No. 25 - Noel Mckay - Toyota Car Club | 1964 Tiara RT20

[B]Best Modern Original Entrant No. 52 - Chris Heaven - Toymods | 2000 JZS171 Crown

[B]Top Late Model Entrant No. 75 - Travis Dean | 2002 JZX110W

[B]Best Commercial Entrant No. 103 - R Jelfs - Toyota Car Club | 1973 Corolla Panel Van

[B]WTF Award [The “That’s not meant to be” Award. Most adventurously modified] Entrant No. 15 - Ernest Hudson | 1975 TA22 Celica (Cleveland V8 road registered Drag Car)

I’d Drive it Award [A good Combination of Style and modifications as an everyday car] Entrant No.102 - Wayne Carlson | 1985 MA61 Supra (2JZ-GTE)

Street Sleeper Award [Most deceptive high performance car] Entrant No.80 - Mitchell Pluimers-Black - Radrollaz | 1978 KE30 Corolla (SR20DET)

Nathan Dean Memorial Trophy Entrant No.39 - Michael Cranfield | 1977 RA28 Celica (1G-GTE)

[B]Retro Tech Award Entrant No.90 - Mark Musumeci - Radrollaz | 1971 KE20 Corolla (4A-GTE)

[B]Best Engineered [Car best engineered for its purpose] Entrant No.15 - Ernest Hudson | 1975 TA22 Celica

Sponsors Choice [Judged By Shannons] Entrant No. 23 - Gavin Armour | 1966 MS46 Crown Ute

JDM Wheels Award Entrant No.107 - Kye Stubbs | 1977 Corolla CS

[B]Entrants Choice Award [Additional Prize by Auto Perfection Detailing & Pymble Smash] Entrant No.54 - Luke Stitt - Canberra Celica Group | 1968 MS53 Crown Custom Wagon

Top Engine Bay Entrant No.72 - Michael Losquino - Radrollaz | 1975 KE30 (F20C vtec thing)

[B]Best Interior Entrant No.84 - Jason Lowe - Radrollaz | 1974 KE20 Corolla

[B]Top Hatch [Highest overall scoring hatchback] Entrant No.69 - Jason Gatt | 1986 Corolla FXGT


BEST OF SHOW [Highest overall scoring vehicle] Entrant No.72 - Michael Losquino - Radrollaz | 1975 KE30

Top Engine Bay

[B]Top Paint & Panel Top Coupe [Highest overall scoring Coupe]


At Bendix, we’d like to give a big thanks to the entire crew at ToyMods Car Club and all entrants for putting on a great event. We’re already looking forward to next year!