View Full Version : Festival of Sporting Cars – Sponsored by Bendix

9th January 2015, 06:07 PM

The Amaroo Circuit (South) of Sydney Motorsport Park hosted the final round of Festival of Sporting Cars (FoSC) event for 2014. At Bendix, we love getting behind the small grassroots events and giving the support the many weekend racers deserve.


The fact that so many different makes and models, and their drivers, can compete with each other in sportsmanlike fashion shows that everyone is there simply for the pleasure of getting out on the circuit and enjoying their motor sport. Bendix (http://clixtrac.com/campaign/?14124) were proud sponsors of the final round of the 2014 FoSC season.


The event ran over the new 1.9km circuit, utilising the new challenging 800m winding track layout. The morning saw competitors battle the harsh wet conditions until the weather cleared before mid-morning, much to the relief tomany who could finally push their cars to their limit and set those consistent lap times.


Regularity is a form of Motorsport where outright speed and pure lap times have no bearing on the overall results.


In regularity competition, entrants will nominate a benchmark time following practice. That competitor will then aim to get as close as possible, or maintain that nominated time in a series of runs following the practice session.


Penalty points are awarded for each tenth of a second competitors are away from, or if they lap quicker than, their nominated time. Therefore the driver with the least number of points at the conclusion of an event will win and the person with the most will finish last. So, even if a competitor sets the slowest time imaginable he or she could still win the weekend by lapping consistently at their nominated benchmark – be it 56s or 1m20s.


Regularity competition is designed to open up the sport to newcomers, or competitors who might not have the budget or machinery to race in a fully-blown racing environment. The great guys and girls at FoSC have been around for 9 years and love to run these events as one of their main objectives is to provide affordable, non-contact motorsport for true enthusiasts. As such, they have a great reputation for friendly, but tightly run, meetings and a safety record that’s second to none.


FoSC kicks off their 2015 season March at the North Circuit of Sydney Motorsport Park. For more info, visit: www.fosc.com.au (http://www.fosc.com.au/)