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21st December 2015, 06:53 PM
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Each month Sydney Dragway plays host to the End of Month Meet (EOMM), though this month things went a little differently as the team from EOMM joined forces with Sydney Dragway to throw one big end of year festival. The day consisted of a huge variety of cars and motorsport disciplines, with burnouts, drifting, drag racing and the meet all co-existing within the one venue.

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Bendix were happy to support this great event and brought along some goodie bags to hand out to the owners of vehicles that stood out from the crowd. The owner of this Commodore UTE braved the JDM dominated meet, showing true Bendix confidence.

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This Honda EK Civic was nothing short of a show stopper, the extensive bodywork carried through into the engine bay with no corners cut along the way. Doing things the right way the first time is a big plus in our books and goodie bags were flying in this Honda’s direction.

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It was great to see the level of commitment each of these vehicle owners had put into reaching their final look. Wide body conversions often mean no going back, at least without a huge amount of reverse bodywork. Though the proof is in the pudding and every one of these cars just as impressive as the other, showing the hard work put in by their owners.

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To top off our day the drift cars put on a great show, making all the right noises and bellowing out clouds of tyre smoke as they manoeuvred through the temporary course. Members of the public were able to ride along in the passenger seat of these professional drift cars and judging by the size of the smiles on each person’s face after a ride we’re fairly positive it was an awesome experience.

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Thanks again to all those who helped to make this a great day out, we look forward to seeing you again next time.

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