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19th June 2017, 12:43 PM
Causes of Uneven Brake Pad WearCauses of Uneven Brake Pad WearCauses of Uneven Brake Pad Wear


Uneven brake pad wear is when a brake pad or a set of brake pads wear out quicker compared to the other side of the car, truck or van. When this happens, brake pads will have to be changed well before its used up, costing time and money to buy and install a new set of brake pads.

A common cause of uneven brake pad wear is DTV (Disc Thickness Variation). Variation in the thickness of your rotors chew away at the brake pad as they come in contact with flat spots in the disc, causing the pad to wear unevenly. Depending on the extent of the impact of DTV on your rotors, they can be machined to iron out any flat spots.


Rotors can only be machined so many times though so be mindful of that. Itís also important to hit your newly-machined rotors with Bendix Brake/ Parts Cleaner & Degreaser to get rid of any machine dust. The key to avoiding the effects of DTV is taking measures to prevent it in the first place. If youíre installing a new set of rotors, preparing them properly beforehand is an important step to take. Make sure to give them a hit of brake cleaner before installing them to clear any dirt and anti-rust coating.


Issues with the operation of the brake calipers are also major contributors to uneven brake pad wear. Often, components within the caliper, such as the guide pins, can seize and cause the brake pad to drag along the rotor whilst the brakes arenít applied which in turn leads to uneven brake pad wear. If itís come time to replace your brake pads and youíve found there to be some uneven wear, check the caliper guide pins. If one or both of the guide pins are seized, itís time to pull them out and regrease them with Bendix Ceramic High Performance Synthetic Lubricant. If theyíre a bit worse for wear, itíd be a good idea to replace them. If this doesnít rectify the problem, the issue might require a caliper rebuild or replacement.


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