What Grinds My Gears:

Grip. Ever since NFS Pro Street came out, all the sick-toons and hektik mob are calling normal track and road racing "grip" to try and differentiate it from "drift". Notice how there was never the need for this distinction before NFS PS came along, even when drift came around. it was just normal "racing", or even just "driving".

A big +1 to this comment right here. Even disregarding the NFS thing, the term 'grip' is stupid. Drifting, as awesome as it is, is but a relatively small and recent part of motorsport. There should be no need to coin a trendy new word for such a fundamental aspect of driving/racing. </rant>

That aside, my favourite kind of motorsport is hill climbing and tarmac rally events. But for pure fun, drifting is hard to beat.