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Thread: Javal's Mechanical Spirit Guide / 18RG XT130 Hate Machine

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    Default Javal's Mechanical Spirit Guide / 18RG XT130 Hate Machine

    Hi Team.

    In the beginning, people thought AE86's were cool, xE7x's were the poor mans AE86, and that I was coked out of my brain for even thinking about turning a spanner on my XT130.

    Nothing has changed. Love you guys.

    I figured it's about time I made a build thread, as i'm finally making headway.

    I could rattle off the specs, but it's not about the specs list. Unless you're a wookie.


    I recieved this car in the summer of 2005 from my grandmother. It has had no other owners, although some have attempted. I win.

    It looked something like this after owning it for a few months. I fitted what would be, to date, it's most notorious modification:
    The racing stripe:

    Oh, it also had this:

    I tried to put these on it:

    Which resulted in a wheel falling off thanks to dodgy autobarn wheelnuts.

    A few more hits from the crack pipe resulted in this:

    There were spaghetti stains on there when it was fitted.

    I didn't take any more photos for the next few years.

    It served me well as a daily / parts / band bus for all that time though. Did a few consumable items on it, clutch, water pump, alternator. It got broken into, also.

    I then one day got motivated. After thinking of every which way i could execute every fucking engine conversion in creation, i settled on one of the easiest. And with all that motivation swelling up inside of me, got off my but, determined to do something about it. I washed the car.

    And wonkily fitted some MA61 seats and AE82 Twinky wheel, the former of which are is giving me back problems. Great job.

    And decided this was what I wanted it to look like:

    And somehow that's covered about 4 years of ownership. Sad, really. I hadn't really done anything.

    Then I bought this:

    I opened it up and saw this:

    I swore.

    So i did some of this:

    And some of this:

    And to stop myself going insane doing the former, i did this:.

    And after a long time, I finally bought this:

    The 88253 18RG-U. It currently sits entirely dismantled.

    So, how about those specs?

    Where it started:

    XT130 Corona, 185xxx km's
    Racing stripe.


    Race spec Starfire 1X

    Borg-warner 505
    Inbuilt 'when it's cold i'll crunch second' from factory

    Borg-warner with rooted bearings, thanks wookie

    AE82 Twinky wheel
    MA61 Seats

    Monroe GT Gas Shocks (ewwwww) (front)
    RA60 Struts

    RA60/65 Calipers (F)
    RA60/65 Vented Rotors (DBA, not RDA junks) (F)
    Ferodo sport pads (surprisingly good) (F)
    Standard drums and shoes rear

    The original plan:"And how it will sit once i've lashed a lot of money on it - "

    XT130 Sedan
    Rust repaired
    Fresh coat of white paint
    Racing stripe painted on.
    Straight bumper endcaps, lol

    88253 18R-GU
    Secret spec high compression custom forgies
    Standard rods
    Linished crank
    Balanced reciprocating assembly
    O/S Valves + suitable valve guides
    Secret spec Frakported 88253 head
    Double Valvesprings (standard, lol)
    Secret spec cams (mild)
    BT20V Quad throttlebodies and intake manifold
    Custom adaptor
    Custom extractors (tuned length)
    It will run a catalytic converter and Wideband O2 sensor.
    Adaptronic ECU.

    W50, until i blow it up.

    Rebuilt RT132 T-series w/ Cusco RS LSD

    Velo Seats, hopefully.
    Re-trimmed JDM AE86 steerer.
    Re-trim the rest of the thing in factory style.

    AJPS Springs.
    TRD Green front shocks
    TRD Blue rear shocks
    O/S swaybars
    All bushes replaced

    Fronts done, Rears to be refurbished when the diff is done.

    Wheels will be MZ10 15x6.5"

    The idea behind this car is 'Factory GT style'. I pretty much want to build this into an RT130 GT.

    At present: How it actually turned out five years later.

    XT130 Sedan / failbus
    Rust repaired, bump strips deleted
    Fresh coat of Subaru satin pearl white
    Vinyl racing stripe maximum respect.
    Still don't have straight bumper endcaps
    All exterior brightwork repaired and polished
    Re-chromed bars

    88270 18R-GEU
    Racing red cam cover, for racing
    'Recently rebuilt' to standard spec (confirmed)
    Unifilter pod
    Pacemaker extractors (I think)
    2" stainless exhaust with catalytic converter
    Lightweight flywheel

    W50, rebuilt with new seals / synchros / bearings
    HD Clutch

    RT132 T-series

    RT132 S1 dash, instrumentation and door cards
    MA61 front seats (retrimmed)
    Retrimmed rear seats
    Funky special "TWINCAM 8" steering wheel
    No stereo

    Friends of AJPS coilovers with 5.2kg springs
    XT130 LCA's OMG
    Toyshop engineering cambertops
    Selbys AE86 24mm swaybar
    All bushes replaced with superpro items
    New tie rod ends, pitman and idler arm
    Fail and aids steering box.

    AJPS springs 3.5kg/mm
    KYB Excel-G shocks
    relocated shock mounts on diff
    AJPS adjustable banhard rod
    Whiteline 18mm (maybe?) swaybar
    All bushes replaced with superpro items

    Corona / Pug / Hilux fronts
    (Hilux 4-piston calipers, 266mm vented Peugeot rotors, RT132 struts)
    ST141 solid rear disc with single piston caliper + internal drum handbrake setup rear
    MA70 1" master cylinder, wilwood adjustable bias valve
    Custom handbrake linkage.

    15x8" +/-0 Performance Superlites
    225/50/R15 Toyo Proxes 4's

    Superlite spare wheel.

    There you go.

    Hate.... now.
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