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This is my AE86 as I got it a long time ago. Same as the rest of them. Early model SR spec.

Very slow, very soft. But still went where your pointed it despite the body roll. I think if I was designing a new car, I would test it with rooted shocks and bushes and soft springs, and try and get the geometry right like that, just like a old AE86. Then I would know when I put good suspension in it, it would be awsome. Try my brothers SV21 with old suspension and engine mounts? Worst Toyota car ever.

Of course, I am rebuilding the car from ground up. It has been disassembled down to every nut and bolt.

My vision is to get it back together still looking exactly the same as in the top picture! I have old man tastes. But:
1. it will be all GTV spec. Out with the SR spec stuff. Mostly using Toyota parts new and old. Avoiding custom stuff.
2. but with a 20valve. As neat and factory like as I can.
3. with street/track suspension and brakes of course
4. and with minimum safety equipment for a possible CAMS event like Targa or something. So rollcage and stripped out interia.