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Thread: Toyota pull out of Australian Rally Championship

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    Quote Originally Posted by carbonae86 View Post
    Um, for the last time, that's the Group N(P), nothing to do with S2000... do you want to start quoting relevant documents, rather than just picking and choosing articles at random that have got no relevance to the argument you're trying to put across...

    S2000 IS NOT a part of Group N(P). That fact alone, other than any other crap you've posted, has lost you all credibility. Why you keep defending that fact, I'm at arm's length to figure out...

    Toyota calls them S2000cars even if CAMS ARC whoever call them group N{P}
    No, Toyota calls a S2000, a S2000, as so does CAMS. Toyota calls a Group N(P), a Group N(P), and so does CAMS. You've got issues... If you think that because both fall under N4 that all the same rules apply you've got some pretty basic knowledge gaps...

    Again, when you can find ANYWHERE that specifically says that a S2000 car can't cost more than $150,000AUD, I'll happily commit to my word. But considering the offical FIA (which as I'm sure you're aware CAMS runs under) document says they can't cost more than 168,000 (about $372,000AUD) I think you're going to have a hard time there sunshine...
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    For the last time it states that vehicle in that class being N4 have that max cost regardless of what class they fall into under. Meaning they can be a
    S2000 or group N{P} car they are both capped at $150,000AUD . FIA CAMS RULES

    And why dont you read the FIA S2000reg and CAMS ARC rules again there the regulations are you tell me they have writen the rules incorrectly and there not the same

    Its there in black and white so why you bother to try to insult me fool
    Everybody has the information and they can see for themself now thats why the information was linked , not because of the complete lack or lazyness of you to pull yourself out to the crap.

    Dont worry i forgot to pop in at the rally of melbourne headquaters bayswater today to see if they had any information since i was across the road at ABC Mandrell { if anyone wants cheap alloy mandrell intercooler bends in Melbourne $10 per bend cash } Maybe i will just get the head ARC chief scutineer a call , give him your number sunshine and he can explain how the rule 5.1.5 applies. Its not like i know dont know him after working with him for years. So i guess you have till monday to start packing you shit up then

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    I was emailed this link last night by a rally driver active on bmsc

    Seems on your idea of EVOXTIBS isnt very well received and the general consensus is that you still dont understand the cost involved Less than $150g in your mind is going to build rally winner thankfully people who rally seem to think thats a joke.

    I would get someone to link this thread on bmsc but i wouldnt want COST you ebay sales there

    Ow btw you still havent got replied to my PM with you phone number ? i guess they can just call your 1800number and ask for Greg ?

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    Well after a very indepth chat to CAMS offical Cambell Andrea is seem that the rules are 100% as there writen Greg. If you read section 4 and 5 it's all there. Just one thing really remain's and that is the fact that you might want to bring up for a discussion on your rally forum. How do you win a Australian Rally Championship {with a vehicle that was and never is now that there gone} that hasn't passed homologation ? It was undergoing this whilst competing in ARC ? how close is this to just cheating ? how could this be allowed ? was it just slipping cash into the right people's pockets like ED's team seem to think subaru where doing with nearly ever CAMS offical driving a STI when they where winning.

    Well basically i am right that they amount a car costs is capped as far in that bit of paper that doesn't seem to be worth much in light of it standing for jackshit. And also as it's writen only a manufacture can build the vehicle's so borring bate might have built them but they would have had to be put forward by Toyota. Even with there seeming to be no point as they could still be entered / race / win without passing. You wouldn't see this even happening at club level ! but it just show you what spending more cash than everybody else can do.

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