Commercial sales on AE86DC are limited to site sponsors only.

Sellers caught trying to trade commercially on these forums without permission (becoming an authorised AE86DC sponsor) will be banned immediately - and all posts / threads / PMs removed.

This includes people selling anything that we deem to be "commercial quantities" And we do notice pretty easily if a large proportion / all of your posts are in the sales forums... Don't act all surprised and upset when you realise you have been banned. For those in the grey area between a private seller bordering on selling commercial quantities, we will contact you by PM to warn you before any action is taken.

Group buys (Note clearly : ONE OFF GROUP BUYS) May be PM'd to me for approval BEFORE posting in the approved Group Buys forum in the sales section.

AE86DC serves 1,500,000+ pages per month to over 85,000+ unique users.

This makes us one of the biggest AE86 and KE70/AE71 / RWD Toyota specific websites on the net!

As a site-sponsor You will get:

* Your very own sub-forum on AE86DC
* A link in our navigation menu for easy access by users
* * Recognition of your support of the AE86DC community & Website as a sponsor
(n.b. banner advertising is only available directly through our banner advertising agency)

If you wish to become a sponsor on AE86DC, you must PM me BEFORE you begin trading.