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    Default 2amstreettaildancer,,,,,,F20C Build Begins!!!

    Hey all,

    Old setup below, F20C stuff begine page 6ish

    This is my banger, It's a black top 20v.
    I hope to compete in superlap once I get some good brakes under
    it but money appears to be my constraint as I'm a battling uni student
    who busks on his guitar to buy sprinter parts...

    Anyways, this is what I can remember it has.

    AE111 bt 20v.
    TRD 0.8mm headgasket
    T3 stacks
    Xtreme 3.9kg flywheel
    Extractors and 2 1/4 system
    Halech E8, LS1 coils
    Twin 10 inch thermo fans
    Oil cooler

    Koni coilover kit in the front
    cut shut control arms.
    PS arms
    Whitline sway bars
    T series diff with dropped sway bar and 4 link brackets
    2 way OS Giken diff 4.1 gears
    castor rod brackets spaced down 1 inch.
    JDM brakes
    Strut braces

    Nardi wheel
    Bride reclinable seat on Bride rail
    Half cage, Bolt in safety 21
    Bigend Bullet 15x8inch wheels, 195/50 tyres
    flared guards
    Whitelne tailights
    Topstage front lip.
    TRD wing

    Probly more I can't remember but I have tried hard to do everything
    to the best of my ability, unlike previous drift cars I have owned which
    usually caught fire or had wheels fall off.

    I really want a big set of 14inch watanabes but waiting for Rudd to help me out.

    Let me know what you think.

    Oil cooler mounted to front bar,

    Back when drifting was fun and didn't cost 4 billion dollars a round
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