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Thread: Lower Control Arm- Measurments & Compatibility

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    Post Lower Control Arm- Measurments & Compatibility

    Ok guys

    im still confused with a few things

    i found a list of LCAs and what sizes etc...
    Model - Length - CT Dia
    RA40 - 300mm - 12mm
    TA22 - 300mm - 12mm
    AE86 - 300mm - 12mm
    KE7x - 300mm - 12mm
    XT130 - 310mm - 12mm (RT132 too?)
    MX73 - 304mm -12mm
    MX62 - 365mm - 12mm
    GE Sigma - 330mm - 12mm
    S13 - 350mm - 14mm

    now it seems everyone goes with the XT130s what i want to know is if i do the same what exactly do i need to do the job, what parts do i require i know i need the XT130s but what else and has anyone one done a write up fo this?

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