For anyone who went along to the Mothersģ detailing day they would of met George the paint guru and expert detailer. He is a man full of knowledge and has seen it all and been around the automotive industry long enough to be consider part of the furniture. so this week I thought i would pick his brains and get some tips for us. heres what he had to say .

some of his do's and don't :

1, Washing the car regularly would be my number one DO Tree sap, bug and insect remains, as well as tar and other pollution can eat away at the paint surface overtime, so washing it at least once a month will help preserve the exterior. Use a PH balanced car was like Mothers classic California Gold Car Wash.

2, Use high quality Mothers Sealer Glaze and Carnauba wax to protect the cars exterior .

3, Use MLH Microfibre sponges, wax applicator pads
and cleaning cloths on all areas of the car. They will reduce surface scratching Cobwebbing issues dramatically.

4, Removing bird poop and other flying animal nasties from exterior surfaces is essential for preservation of the paint. Remove it immediately. Carnauba wax and Sealer glaze will protect the paint work from many things but acids and animal proteins will eat in to it.

5, Modern cars have a lot of exterior and interior uncoated plastics and rubber parts. If left unprotected in the Australian climate, they will break down and fade.
Use Naturally Black to restore exterior Plastics and Mothers Protectant on the interior plastics.

6, When cleaning the interior remove all the mats and rubbish from the car first Vacuum and brush the mats first . Wash them and hang them to dry before starting the rest of the interior.

7, Cleaning marks off head linings: Take great care cleaning head linings, as harsh scrubbing may remove the head lining from the backing causing to it sag.

8, Wheels can be a real pain to clean when they have built up brake dust and grime. Use All wheel and tyre cleaner to make light work of the job of cleaning them.
Then wax the rims. This will reduce build up and make the wheels easier to clean next time.

9, Apply tyre shine with an MLH foam applicator pad. Reduce spatter and get an even coat on the tires. Simple.

10, When washing your car try applying your wheel cleaner to all the rims and tyres first, then, as you pre- rinse the body hose the wheels down thoroughly. Done.


Avoid washing and waxing in hot weather and direct sunlight. If itís hot and you have to wax choose FX Synwax. If you have to use bore water do not let it dry on the surface.

Donít wash your wheels when they are hot. Some wheel cleaners can react with heat and stain the wheels.

Donít apply interior cleaners and leather cleaners without first checking them in a safe area. Failure to check, could mean removal or damage to treatments on the upholstery and carpet.

Try to avoid parking in areas of high pollution next to railway lines and factories with chimneys with high levels of fallout . Luckily we have Mothers Claybar.

We love trees and the shade they provide but so do birds Avoid parking under trees. Bird poop can do more damage in one day to the paint on your car than a yearís worth of UV exposure.

When parking outdoors, Donít park in the same place every day, one side of your car will fade. Guaranteed. Alternate the position.

Donít use aluminium polish on Chrome wheels. Chrome is very thin and should only be polished with a non aggressive polish like Mothers Chrome polish. It will remove contaminants and bring the rims up to a brilliant shine without damaging the Chrome. Take extra care with chrome wheels and avoid a build up of break dust.