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Thread: A little background to scautoparts

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    Default A little background to scautoparts

    Ok guys new around here so said i would introduce myself
    Im stephen cummins 25 from ireland which as you may be aware has a huge ae86 following
    My aim is to supply you guys with new or second hand genuine parts which are hard to get at as cheap a price as possible
    I have owned 14 ae86s over the years and worked as a partsman for toyota for
    a while which is where i made the good contacts i use today, i lived in oz for nearly a year and loved it
    Scautoparts has being in operation around a year now in ireland and thankfully its going great...

    Contact number from oz 00353863113517 ring anytime or txt no problem

    Contact email

    Payment methods paypal or bank transfer preferd

    All my prices include shipping with tracking number

    With the current exchange rate in your favour prices will remain the same unless it changes much

    All items are shipped from ireland unless stated

    All my new items are genuine toyota unless stated

    If you guys are having trouble contacting me which would be very rare contact john84ie or phone me

    any questions please ask

    I look forward to dealing with you

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