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Thread: The Rules on AE86Drivingclub

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    Default The Rules on AE86Drivingclub

    These rules are the first and final word on all things governing AE86DC.


    Section 1 --- Posting on the Forums

    A) Posting Language
    i - When posting on AE86DC it is a requirement to use correct spelling and grammar. Shortening words (SMS Speak) won't be tolerated. It makes it hard for others to search threads if you can't spell a simple word. You look like a bloody idiot as well...

    ii - Racism will not be tolerated at ALL. That includes any harsh use of anything that refers to Aboriginals / Other races in a negative way (including the posting of racist videos). Not hard, use your brain.
    iii - Defamation / Libel / Hate (towards an individual) in ANY shape or form will not be tolerated. use your common sense - If you can't post something nice, don't post anything at all.
    iv - Defamation / Libel / Hate (towards ANY business) in ANY shape or form will not be tolerated. This includes starting threads like "Don't use these Businesses" or "Businesses that have ripped me off". We would prefer to hear about your positive experiences that don't leave us (AE86DC) open to legal recourse. This rule will be heavily enforced.
    v - General bad / nasty language. We do not censor many words on AE86DC, but please used your discretion when using especially heavy / foul language. While you're not going to get banned for posting words like "Fuck", we do draw the line with heavier words and other degrading terms, especially when used in a personal attack. You have been warned.
    vi - Other general "calling out" of members with the intent to cause trouble will be dealt with accordingly.
    B) Posting Images
    i - Posting (embedding) images hosted on other websites should be avoided. Where possible, please mirror the files to your own webspace / image hosting and use those links instead. Posting lots of large images from other people's websites has the potential to run them out of bandwidth on their website.

    ii - Image sizes should be kept to a minimum wherever possible. An acceptable size of images when embedding in forums is between 800x600 pixels -> 1024x768 pixels. Any larger than this and images will take a LONG time to view / won't fit on the forums page. This is a basic skill that most primary school children have mastered. Get with the times or read this tutorial.
    iii - Vular and obscene images should not be posted fullstop. Use your imagination... Excessive gore / illegal or objectionable content = please ban me. And we won't hesitate to enforce that one.
    C) Posting Videos
    i - Embedding Youtube Videos directly into posts / threads is easy to do. This link will show you just what you need to do! click me...
    ii - Use your common sense. Abusive / Hate / Racist / Illegal stuff is just going to get you a warning (Infraction) or outright ban.
    iii - Posting of burnout videos / illegal & reckless driving / illegal activites on public roads = warning or ban, even if you weren't the one in the video. This type of behaviour should be discouraged. You have been warned.
    iv - Please try and keep videos to the "Youtube Chan" forum. This was created so that people wanting to watch videos could find all relevant videos in the one forum. There are lots of video threads there already - have a quick search first, and then post if you have to.
    D) Posting Links
    i - If someone asks (directly) for a link to a certain business, you may post that link, however you are not allowed to randomly advertise your own business (website link) unless directly asked to without previous intent to draw attention to yourself or business.
    ii - There is to be no posting of links to EBAY sales unless you are the SELLER OF SAID ITEM. It is not fair to draw the attention of such a large forum (7000+ users) to a sale that might not have had an all-in bidding war. This is not negotiable.
    iii - Unless you are a SITE SPONSOR, you may post ONE "non-hyperlinked" website address in your signature. No more than ONE... Links to AE86DC addresses are exempt from this rule.
    E) Posting Etiquette
    i - Use your common sense. This is just like using your manners, please & thankyou go a long way.
    ii - Introduce yourself before you go on your posting spree.
    iii - Keep it on-topic. If you can't, use the OFFTOPIC forum (sparingly) Do not make a habit of drawing people into flame wars / trolling people into going offtopic. If a thread is posted in the Technical forum, about a flywheel - you can talk about your flywheel but don't go off-topic and talk about other unrelated things. This will ensure that we can keep all RELEVANT discussion in EASY TO FIND places.
    iv - Use the search button lots when you start out on AE86DC. We have accumulated more than 6 years worth of information on this forum. Unless you have an extremely rare combination of modifications, we can say that 99% of it has all been discussed before.
    v - Do not post a thread like this "What engine should I put in my KE70?" For starters, it is YOUR car, it is YOUR choice. Do a search if you must. Open ended threads like this make you look like a n00b, you will get more respect by researching your own car build YOURSELF and THEN posting it. Give it a try...
    F) Posting Private Messages
    i - If you want to argue, do it by Private Message, don't do it in the public forums
    - Threats made by PM will be investigated. Please report bad behaviour in PM to me (Nicko)
    iii - Don't rely on private messages. If it is important info in your PM inbox, back it up (write it down). Private messages have a bad habit of becoming corrupt / going missing when we do upgrades. You have been warned.
    G) Your Signature
    i - Please keep it compact, four lines of plain text would be awesome... Or a signature image and a line or two of text. Go overboard and we will warn / suspend / ban. use common sense.
    ii - By all means, quote other users in your signature, but keep it nice, keep it clean. We shouldn't have to tell you what is OK and what isn't OK.
    H) Reporting Bugs & Errors
    i - If you experience bugs / errors, please report them in the Bug Tracker forum. There is no need to post them anywhere else.
    ii - From time to time, the forum needs updates. An SQL error likely means that we are upgrading the database. If it is a very obvious error, it probably doesn't need to be reported.
    Section 2 --- Your User Account

    A) Warnings (A.K.A Infractions)
    i - First Warning - If you do for some reason breach our rules, you will be served a warning by Private Message. Any infringing content will be removed.
    B) Account Suspension
    i - Second Chance, Account suspension may vary depending on how badly you ignored our first warning. By default we will usually give a 7 day account suspension, if we feel that you have breached the rules badly enough, this time may extend to up to three months. During this time, you will have an error message saying "You have been Banned until [DATE]" and also specified a reason. It will be pretty clear by this stage what you have done wrong. Sending / Receiving private messages won't work.
    C) Account Bans
    i - We have worked with you, given warnings and suspended your account already, within reason we will then ban your user account. Account bans are PERMANENT. You will have no further access to Private Messages or personal user settings. Your account is locked for good. The only person who can overturn a permanent ban is Nicko.

    D) Evading Suspension & User Bans

    i - So, you've been Banned / Suspended. Creating additional accounts is not allowed. We will track you down (it isn't hard) and you will be removed.
    ii - Banned users logging in from other user's accounts is also very easy to track. When we work it out (and we will), you will be removed as well as the account that you gained access to - whether you had permission from that user or not. Evading bans can & will be enforced.
    E) Changing Your Username

    i - Changing your username is 100% possible. Only Nicko has the authority to change usernames. You may request a change by sending Nicko a Private Message with the details. Username changes can take up to 7 days to be actioned (it isn't our highest priority)

    F) Changing Your Password

    i - To change your password, click here

    G) Recovering a Lost Password

    i - To change your password, click here

    H) Changing Your Avatar
    I) Signup Process
    J) Email Subscription to Threads & Forums
    K) Giving other people your login details / password

    Section 3 --- Sales & WTB Forums

    a) Listing personal items for sale
    b) Listing Cars for sale
    c) Wanted to buy
    d) Group Buys
    e) Commercial Sales
    f) Becoming a Website Sponsor
    g) Bumping Threads
    h) Interfering with Sales Threads
    i) Reporting a dodgy buyer or seller

    Section 4 --- Events
    a) Posting an event
    b) Code of conduct for members at an event
    c) AE86DC Official Events

    Section 5 --- Regional Forums
    a) Region Leaders
    b) Spotted Thread Rules
    c) Posting Items For Sale

    Section 6 --- AE86DC Official E-Mails & PM's
    a) Merchandise
    b) Events
    c) SPAM Policy
    d) Abuse Policy

    or this can be summarised as

    Don't be racist , don't be a wanker , put some thought into your posts and enjoy your time here!
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