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Thread: ae71 auto -> manual because I suck at searching

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    Default ae71 auto -> manual because I suck at searching

    I think I'm just about sorted, Just need a couple of final questions cleared up. Once I do the conversion I will post photo's and do a comprehensive write up because I see little questions about this conversion happening every second week. So can any one add(or fix and i'll edit this post) to what I've stuck below so we can simply refer people to the ONE thread.

    ae71 4ac auto to t50 man conversion. (with the standard diff)

    So I have all the bits before I start I beleive I need...

    - t50 box
    - AE86 gearbox x-member and mounts
    - RWD 4ac man backing plate.
    - pedal box from ae71 or modified t18/ae86 box
    - clutch master and lines and slave from ae71/86
    - turn the auto gear start into a secret cut off switch
    - Cut a new hole and plate some of the trans tunnel to suit lever relocation.

    - clutch and flywheel (size and where from?)
    - front half of tailshaft from a t50 ae86 and rear half from???
    - starter motor from ???

    Anything Else I've missed?? still got a couple of weeks of sourcing part's then when I'm ready I'll chuck it all up along with photo's so we don't have to get flooded with auto -> manual posts ever again

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    Flywheel: You need to find a 6bolt 4AC flywheel. The clutch surface will be 200mm diameter. 4AGE flys have 8 bolts so can't be used. If it's tricky to find (which I doubt), 7AFE and so I assume 4AFEs also have 6bolt flywheels, but I'm not sure it they suit.

    Clutch: You'll need a standard Oz AE86 clutch (200mm diameter and to suit T50 box splines) so it's easy to order through any clutch shop.

    Starter: Shtocky bro used an auto AE71 starter motor on his AE86, but needed an adaptor (ask Jez). So I think you can make it work, otherwise anything which suits an AE86 will do.


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