Parts: PAIR of 15x7 +23 SSR Madia ("drift mesh") wheels.

Condition: Fairly good (one wheel has some soft gutter rash around edge of lip). Currently have two different 195/50/15's with minimal tread left on them. Sit flush on front of KE with t18 struts. Centres are reversable, but i would not recommend it.

Price: $250

Parts: PAIR of unknown brand 15 x 6.5 +17 wheels.

Condition: Again, fairly good. One wheel has small chunk missing on inner lip. Does not cause any vibrations whilst driving on (even when on front), and does not cause any leaks from bead of tyre at all. Currently have screwed 195/55/15's on them. (Centres are reversable, but i would not recommend it. I tried with these wheels, measured it up an it turned into an approx -60 offset wheel (no BS), with 5" of dish...needless to say, i put them back to normal)

Price: $200

I have a pair of 195/55/15's (bout 30% tread) and a pair of 185/55/15's (bout 70% tread) as well that if you would like to take with rims (one pair tyres per pair of rims) for no extra cost you are more than welcome to.

Parts: Itavolanti Imola sports steering wheel

Condition: average. no horn button or boss kit to go with it.

Price: $30

Location: Southern suburbs, Adelaide

Contact: PM on here, or sms/msg me on 0431 622 600 (don't call, as most likely will be at work so won't be able to answer)