Ford Falcon XF



280,XXX kays (416k on dash but has been replaced)

Transmission type:
4 speed manual


4.1L carby



Lowered springs all round (pedders front, kings rear)

aftermarket front swaybar

polished rocker cover

pacemaker extractors

exhaust system

5X 15" ghia rims

tinted windows

custom parcel shelf to suit 6X9s

Roadworthy Certificate:

yes, until 20 april

Accident History:
none, body very straight

Asking Price:


Adelaide Hills, Sa

Contact Details:
Ph 0432 224 954

Other Comments:

Body has no rust in the usual places however has rust in random places such as middle of boot lid and side of rear left quarter (but none in the lower half of the car, wtf) car has been resprayed at some point.

selling due to deciding its too good to use for parts and the fact that i want to keep the XB original with the 3 on the tree. having said that the box from this will find its way into it and as will bucket seats if no sell. and the price of this wont even pay for the stall converter and trans reco. lol

Few bits and peices of the interior missing, and outside door handle springs damaged on 2 doors

has CD player and kenwood front speakers

has air cond but needs belt and regass

at some stage has had lpg and still current.

gearbox bush worn but shifts fine. box fine shifting quickly into 2nd and 3rd no crunching when rev matched

mechanically the car is sound

its a Australian car so it goes fine and will for a long time to come, but it has downfalls like door handle spring issues.

everything 'wrong' on the car can be replaced with shit from u-pull it for under 60bux but i don't like fords and cbf

all tyres legal

brakes work fine, no leaks.

new clutch

tow bar