Hey guys,

I think it's time for me to finally get something a little more aggressive. I've been keeping it off for far too long.

I'm after a pair of either SSR Formula Mesh or Impul Hoshino Mesh (wheels with the step in their dish/lip) wheels with specs of 15x8 with a zero or negative offset down to as low as ~-12mm. I wouldn't mind a pair which are 8.5" or even 9" wide, but chances are their offsets are too aggressive for me. Let me know anyway.

I've got a pair of 15x7 +5mm offset SSR Reverse Mesh wheels here for swap and cash your way if that suits you.

I'm located in Melbourne and would prefer a local purchase, but if your wheels are what I'm after and is at a reasonable price, I would consider it.

Let me know what you have.