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Thread: clutch & flywheel

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    just wanted to see if it was worth getting the 212mm flywheel over the 200mm one to fit the bigger clutch?

    also i know it will bolt up and fit on the t50 but just wanted to know is it the same outside diameter where the starter teath are so its fits no mods?

    and how would u know if u needed to get the flywheel machined? just a straight edge?

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    212 and 200 are 100% interchangeable.

    Just need a clutch to suit whichever size you use.

    If you are replacing the clutch machine the flywheel, if you are unsure of it's history machine the flywheel, if it looks funny machine the flywheel. The only time I would have a fly out and NOT machine it is if you can still see the grinding marks on the face of it or you had it done a couple of weeks earlier.

    Definitely machine if the surface looks discoloured or patchy.


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