Ok, I know we have a few guys in the ACT, I've tried organising events before but due to the lack of running sprinters, turn out's have always been rather thin. (Jo Myself and Steve mainly)

I just want a few hands up and some ideas for events. I can organise Skidpan days no worries, but to bring up the no's (unless some NSW guys join in) I'll have to bring some of the Toymods/CCG fellas along, which is no drama as they're a great bunch of guys.

Wakefield "no speed limit/speed of the street" days are always great, as its just a turn up, pay and race deal.

Hillclimb, I do a lot of work with the SDMA, our local Hillclimb track is a very unique one, Drifting is generally looked down at. but its a great way to hone your skills. The hillclimb run once a month on a sunday (think its the last or first i can never remember) Cost is ok, (bout 70bucks I think) but you only get 4-6 runs depending on the feild size.

Driver training days with 5th Gear motorsport. I can help sort out Cert1 Cert 2in advanced driver training, I can also ask Derek to Tailor a package to suit our needs. Costs are about 150upwards for an entire day. This may also help with your insurance bringing down your excess/premiums etc

Random Drives - Keen to do say a Coast lunch trip. or a trip to the gong going down Mac Pass, maybe meet up with the 86 guys there for a chat/feed.

Also, We can sort out cotter drives, easy.

Any other ideas? Interest?