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Thread: Removing gearbox/tailshaft from an 86

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    Default Removing gearbox/tailshaft from an 86

    Well Im in the process of my first attempt at removing the engine and box from the trueno and Im 'stuck' on what to do next from here. Where Im stuck is with the gearbox cross member. I took some pics of where Im talking about so you could see where Im at.

    The only thing I need to do after that is to disconnect the fuel filter, which is proving to be quite difficult and undo where the gearstick is.

    So how do I go about taking the tailshaft out of the gearbox?
    Also will transmission oil spurt out once I go to take the tailshaft out?

    Thanks for any helpful input.
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    hey mate

    to get that box out do the following

    -undo all the bolts that hold the tailshaft in (4 at the diff, 2 in middle)
    -tailshaft will slide out of the gearbox
    -a small amoutn of oil may come out, expect alot more when you tip the box, either plug tailshaft hole, or get ready with a bucket.
    -take out the gearstick from inside the car
    -take out the speedo cable
    -take out all the bolts that hold teh box to the engine
    -take off clutch slave
    -undo gearbox crossmember bolts

    time to rip the box out! the box must come back about 20cm. then it will come down.

    get ready for the oil!

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    Dave is right.

    Though I'd drop the oil from the box first. Just open the drain plug.

    Also you can take engine and box out while still bolted together. It can be easier, but it depends on how high your engine crane goes and how easily you can roll it around on your floor.

    Also if you do take the box off, once you start to pull it back away from the engine, you should keep it supported until the input shaft is free of the clutch and the box is totally free.


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    Yeah thanks for the help guys it was really easy in the end. In the end I left the x-member there until the engine was ready to go then undone the 4-5 bolts that held it in place.

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