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Thread: s13 mixmatch bodykit and interior, some 4age parts.

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    Default s13 mixmatch bodykit and interior, some 4age parts.

    hey guys and gals,

    I've got some gear hanging around, its cheap, can go cheaper if you buy extra stuff but I'd rather talk those details in person.

    4age FWD alternator, aftermarket, looks newish. Thought my current alternator was dead but turns out it wasn't. $30.

    GT40 coil for a Toyota corolla, couldn't get it working. Practically new just outta the packaging. 15 bucks.

    s13 Silvia "Kids heart" style fibreglass frontbar, needs some love and a fibreglass repair kit. 50 bucks- ON HOLD

    s13 vertex skirts and unknown brand rear pods. both items brand new. Test fitted in gel coat, no holes/cracks. 100 for the skirts 100 for the pods.

    s13 Silvia Interior plastics, Pretty much everything that is plastic in an s13. All in great condition and i'm not really keen to seperate it. Wreckers charged my mate a fortune for 1-2 of these peices. 50bucks for the lot of it (and there IS alot of it)

    S13 rear seats and passenger seat w/headrest. SR20 tweed. classy... 50 for the lot. Good condition.

    S13 dash/centreconsole/stereo garnish. Dash is in great condition, no cracks! only a few small holes on the drivers side footwell for a gauge of some kind i imagine, speedo (117,xxx kms) needs a clean and polish. Digital climate control unit... like an analog one but... digital...
    dash/centreconsole/stereo garnish altogether $150, speedo $20, DCC $20 w/stereo bracket.

    its all standard gear, i dont have a camera ATM to get photos of all of it but if you're keen then we can work something out.

    Andrew, call anytime 0439590160

    I'm in Hawthorne, Queensland 4171.

    an s13 interior for those playing at home

    the "kids heart" style front bar.

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    bar, me please. ill transfer money, then maybe pick up in a week or 2 if thats ok? just busy right now but i want it

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