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    Default random parts, superlites, turbo, amps, headunit got pics

    hey guys got some stuff for sale cleaning out the shed.

    one pair of black superlites 15''x8'' -4 with bridgestone potenzas about 50-60% tread left. looking for about $350 ono

    nearly have a complete boot plastic trim setup up in the brown/red colour
    if after something particular just ask, offers

    also got 2 amps for sale
    have a jvx mp3 headunit for sale got wire loom included $80 ono

    rampage 1200watt 4 channel $80 ono

    sony 2 channel 350 watt $ 70 ono

    got a dual sub box with 2 subs in it, also has carpet
    one rampage 12'' sub
    and a kenwood 12''sub
    was made to sit in the back of a commodore lol
    60 bucks offers

    also have a garret turbo out of a mercedies (what i was told buy mechanic who took it off) it needs a rebuild unsure shore of size but i think i has a .4 exhast outlet. $80 ono

    i have heaps of random parts so just ask if after somethin in particular

    also i will have pics up soon for the people who are interested

    cheers josh!
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