The time has finally come for me to chuck a 4age into my ke so I will be selling all the bits I dont need to fund parts that I will need for the conversion like AE71 Pedal Box and AE71 Tailshaft and a few other things. This isnt a definate sale atm but I would like to gather interest so people can hear it running and drive if they would like. Few specs below

Its a 5spd K50 Box and seems sweet to change.

Dont know what clutch but never had issues with it.

The 4k is losing coolant atm with a suspected cracked head but my dad said cause it runs decent it is probably leaking out of a loose hose or something. Can get it checked out if really necessary i spose but at buyers expense

Radiator isnt in the best condition but keeps car really cool when theres coolant in it.

Replaced the alternator twice so there should be no problems there.

Recently had a tune at Ultra tune with all receipt so engine runs pretty dope but can see for yourself.

Thats all I can think of atm but if you would like more information just pm me and Ill tell you all I know.

Dont know what its worth so for now ill say $250 and will not part it out.
Will swap for parts of interest though so pm with offers or ring or msg me on 0425315822. I am located in Adelaide.

Remember not a definate sale atm just gathering interest for people to test it before buying. Also no pics atm but I spose can if you really deem it necessary.

Cheers Troy