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Thread: FS: JDM AE86 Levin GT APEX Coupe

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    1986 AE86 Levin GT APEX Coupe

    I purchased this car from z10 of JDMYARD located in NSW last year August if I can remember. I believe he purchased this car from a guy by the nick of OLDMAN in this forum. It is a very clean car and was very original in terms of interior and engine modifications. Since it's a late model AE86, it came with the black interior. The interior was mint when I got it, but recently the dash cracked right in front of the steering wheel. Very common among AE86s so I don't think it's a big deal at all. The car had all the suspension modifications done so it really handled like a go kart, it just lacked horsepower. Opportunity came when a member of the forums advertised his drift package for sale.

    The 4agze engine was purchased from Craig, also a member of this forum, the post might still be in the for sale section. The engine was used primarily for drift and it had been fully rebuilt with new bearings, rings and pistons. It is a AE101 Map sensor model and was tuned to 125rwkw. He only did about 4 to 5 track days after the rebuild. I had the engine tested and checked before the purchase and it was pretty much perfect. I bought it as a complete package so it came with the engine, 2 gearboxes, 4-2-1 custom extractors, intercooler, aluminum radiator, oil cooler and the Wolf ECU .as I didn't want to screw around too much, that was why I bought it as a complete package. I had it retuned for safety and reliability and now it's got 112rwkw with no pinging etc. I've since done 2 more track days on it (not drift), one of them wet day. The gearbox is a T50 in excellent condition. Has a up rated 212mm flywheel with a 4 puck exedy button clutch.

    With the old engine at 63rwkw I managed a 1:51 on street tires at Winton. Recently at the BP PEDDERS sprints, I managed 1:44 with the new engine and TOYO R888 semi slicks but that's with huge amounts of traffic and lousy brake pads so I believe if given a clean lap and good pads, the car should manage at least 1:42 around Winton. The car is not used as a daily driver, just to the track and back and is registered in Victoria with 11 months registration left. If you think track cars are a danger to buy, u might be wrong because I think I have looked after it real well, I change the plugs, engine oil, gearbox oil, diff oil, brake fluids after every meet.

    Asking price for EVERYTHING that I have for this car or as listed below is $18500ono. I did some maths and realized I have spent close to 25k on this car but I know I can't get back everything I've spent. Hopefully I don't lose too much.

    1) JDM 16V 4AGE engine
    2) Front coil over conversion with TRD inserts
    3) Rear TRD shocks
    4) Unknown springs but was told they had 8 front and 6 rear spring rates
    5) TRD rear sway bar
    6) TRD front sway bar
    7) Jap(don't know brand) Adjustable castor rods
    8) Jap(don't know brand) Adjustable tie rods
    9) Cusco front lower arm bar
    10) Roll centre adjustor
    11) Original Air box
    12) Recently put in a Apexi air filter kit
    13) Carbing front strut brace
    14) All door hinges, bonnet latch and rubber seals replaced
    15) Nardi deep corn steering wheel
    16) TRD gear knob and short shift
    17) Original TRD side skirts
    18) Fujitsubo cat back exhaust
    19) 1x spare SECTION (jap brand) extractors for 16V 4AGE
    20) TRD 2 way LSD
    21) 4AGZE currently installed dynoed and safe tuned at 112rwkw
    22) Wolf3D ECU version 4 with handset
    23) Front mount intercooler
    24) Oil cooler
    25) Aluminum Radiator
    26) Larger pulley
    27) 2x spare gearbox(excluding the one on the car)
    28) Custom 4-2-1 extractors (4AGZE)
    29) 15inch SSR XR4 Long champs
    30) 14inch Volk Racing mesh wheels spare set

    I might have left out some details of the car so ill update it if I remember anything else. I have included some pictures and links to you tube on the car with the old engine and the new engine. Please email me or text me 0424264581 if you are interested. I am NOT interested in separating any parts at this stage.

    Car with original 16V engine

    Car with 4AGZE

    Craig's drifting with the 4AGZE

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    one of the cleanest kept ae86's ive sat in

    very rare to find one in this condition

    shame youre selling kenneth, i wouldve like to chase you around winton haha

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