So i thought id write this to soothe my saturday arvo boredom. All information involes a gen 1 3sge. Im not sure about any other sort so you will be on your own if you aquire one. So lets get started:

All pics are 2sc on the left and gen 1 3sge on the right.

2 pennys if you can work out whats wrong here. Im going with a 2s starter, Y bellhousing users will probably use the 3s one

Gearbox stays, 3s ones have a different bolt spacing on the bellhousing. So again im going 2s

Rear water oulets, not sure what im going to do here?

Companion flanges, pretty much the same, mine are 2 peice cos i think they were both auto. Not sure

2s Sump. You will need the pick up aswell. I also got the dipstick just to be 100% sure.

Y series bellhousings can be used to convert an S to W box, from what i know one bolt hole needs removing and replacing. Also puts the starter on the intake side.

2S have a 6 bolt flywheel, 3S have 8, yair pretty much 4ac to 4age all over again

The acutall power steering pump is the same, mounts and lines are different for both motors

You will need a dual row spigot bearing to support the input of the gearbox. Someone will tell you why cos i have no idea.

Alternator mounts are different again, so bin them. 3s normally have them high up over the exhaust in FWD. Apparently MR2 SW20 have them low on the intake side, so thats probably tour best bet.

Thats all i can think of for now. Will update as i find shit out.