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    alright look i'm new to this site but thought i'd give it my best bash

    i don't know if ya hear hear this a lot but i am looking for an ae86 available in adelaide, i can't afford to move cars interstate so thus looking for something local. Like anyone i am looking for a good deal but need it fairly cheap, preferbly around <5,000 or 6,000 at the very most. Would prefer it fairly stock as in either stock 4age or 4ac engine, no superchargerd or turbocharged engines and extractors would be pushing it. It must be road worthy and good to drive. Wouldn't mind minor modifications eg: interior upgrade (meaning no stripped interiors), exhaust, etc. I know at 5k - 6k i can't exactly be picky but as little rust as possible would be great and with low kms (relising this is a big ask just let me know for anything you got and i may be interested). I love the look of the truenos but will basically take anything, so anyone that's got something with this criteria don't hesitate to contact me.

    also on their was a bronze sprinter in SA for $5,200, wondering what happened to it, anyone know?

    p.s: any tips on learning how to use this site would be champion. cheers guys
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