Hey all, pre-empting Sams request for info, heres a start on a database for late Toyota coilpacks.

Ive been using these for about 4 years or so now and have sold many sets on conversions I have done as well as just parts sales for other peoples projects. Some basic facts and info from my experience.

These coils have the igniter built in. This igniter fires on the falling edge of a 5V square wave. Dwell times between 2 and 3 msec work fine. They are extremely rugged and reliable (not including a few recallss etc Toyota conducted, which I believe were all to do with Indonesian made coils, not denso Japan).

To give you an idea how rugged they are, I have probably sold/installed a few hundred and although I have had a few DOA's (dead on arrival), I am yet to see one in service stop working. Maybe Ive just bee lucky.

They will also support over 100Hp each (per cylinder) with boost pressures up to 23 or 24psi no problem to them, even when firing in waste spark config.

Heres a start for a database, from a few motors I have around atm.

These were put with the rubber seals more or less in the same plane so you can get an idea of comparative height.

Source vehicles and part numbers from left to right:

90919-02227 ST215 Caldina 3SGTE
90919-02230 GXE10 Altezza AS200/Lexus IS200 1GFE vvt-i
90919-02239 ZZE120 Corolla 1ZZFE
90919-02240 NZE121 Corolla 2NZFE
90919-02236 SXE10 Altezza RS200 3SGE Beams dual vvt-i

Other coils that I have used a bit which aren't pictured are 2AZFE Camry and 1NZFE. Both of these are longer types, whcih are useful in certain motor like porsches and jags where you need extra reach. Similar in length to the GXE10 ones pictured above.

As a note, also following up som something Sam asked. I have the following plug kits available for sale. These took a lot of hunting and the three components are from three different countries.

The price is $15 per kit (per coilpack). Please let me kow if anyone needs them. I had to buy a few.