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Thread: Local News - JoJo's Gold AE86 - Accident -

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelpd96| View Post
    So I take it you have sold the other one Robbo?

    I need to do something with mine, it is sitting out in the weather gathering cobwebs.....

    and yes JoJo got a new shell for a steal.

    Nope, still for sale, but gotta plan ahead right?

    Id be keen to see you car too if its in the ACT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerby86 View Post
    I said it cos it is possibly one of the stupidest things I have ever read on this forum. And I remember when Klutch was on here so that is saying something!!

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    The car is down here, but work is nuts this year so I just don't have the time (or the space) to be stuffing around with it. I tried starting it a couple of months ago and it wouldn't fire so I got the shits and went back to playing with the might boy.

    The mighty boy is coming along ok though, took it down to Ed at Autotech and chucked it on the dyno. Put down a massive 29kw atw but it was leaning out in the top end. When I get some more time I will fit up the ITB's that I have for it and wire in a loom for the Adaptronic from the Sprinter.

    Let me know when you want me to pop over so I can make a start. I am pretty busy but if I start now I can just keep plugging away to get it done for you.

    P.S. The paint on mine is rooted now as well from the overspray from when I did the Mighty Boy. Apparantly 2 pack doesn't just wipe off

    Here is a photo of mine from when I was down here last, doesn't look that good anymore.

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