Bendix can help you diagnose and solve your brake problems.

To help you fix brake problems you may be experiencing, we have prepared some helpful tech tips to ensure you achieve optimum braking performance and safety.

As there are a number of issues that arise with your cars breaking system, it’s always good to keep a look out for the possible symptoms below.

Brake Pull

What is brake pull?

Brake pull is evident when the brakes are applied and the car has a tendency to “pull” to one side.

What causes brake pull?

Brake pull is basically uneven brake force caused by brakes not exerting the same amount of force from one side of the car to the other, this can be caused by many factors; Contaminated pads and linings, mismatched brake materials such as pads or brake linings. A faulty caliper pad alignment or uneven adjusting of pads or even a seized caliper may be at fault.

Is there any way of preventing this from occurring?

Keeping your brakes clean and serviced can prevent brake pull as well as making sure that you are fitting the appropriate pad or lining. Checking that your brake system is properly and evenly adjusted will ensure smoother acting brakes.

Probable Cause & Corrective Action

  • Contamination of pads or linings with brake fluid, oil, grease etc. Clean or replace pads or linings
  • Unmatched pads or linings. Replace with correct parts
  • Fault caliper pad alignment. Check for loose caliper mounting bolts, guide pins or broken clips.
  • Unequal brake adjustment. Readjust all brakes.
  • Seized caliper. Overhaul both calipers (IE. Pins and seals) on that axle.

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