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Thread: [BNE] New Drift Blade Reclining Buckets - suit 2dr - low seating - universal mounts - ADR

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    Default [BNE] SOLD - Drift "Blade" Reclining Buckets - suit 2dr - low seating - universal mounts - ADR


    I have a pair of Unfitted Autobarn Drift "Blade" reclining bucket seats. These are as new, maybe a few small marks underneath from sitting on the floor, but otherwise unused other than a test fit.

    Half fit them up to the RA23 - they were a touch too high for me with a Helmet (I'm 6'2) but quite good without. Very comparable to stock really - would have kept them if I didn't need some helmet space.

    - Designed for a 2 door with quick release tilt at the back.

    - Surprisingly comfortable, not quite as tight as your standard Autotechica and other Autobarn specials - so if you're a slightly bigger person you won't feel like you're in a bench vice.

    - ADR approved with tags - no worries for engineering

    - "Unversal Mounting" - eg 4 threaded holes underneath - bottom is completely flat, so just put some 5mm pieces of flar bar in some creative positions across your existing seat rails and you're set.

    - Black cloth - more durable fabric than the other Drift and Autobarn seats (which appear to be made out of a hoodlining style material - this one is more OEM)

    - Hectic "DRiFT" logo in the headrest - I was going to blacken it out with a nikko, but you can leave it in if you're into that sort of thing.

    $600 new RRP for the pair

    Take them off my hands for $250. *****SOLD*****

    Local pickup inner Brisbane unless you can organise transport.

    Website images below, let me know if you want photos of the actual seats (they look the same really)

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